Fox News “accidently” claims President Jimmy Carter is dead


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The little slip-ups make more sense when you see this footage of the Fox News bullpen…


Hear! Hear!


Was he eaten by Wolves?



ETA: I will readily admit to being completely ignorant of the context of that one.


It’s common for news organizations to keep updated obituaries for well-known living people (and occasionally accidentally hitting Post instead of Save).

This doesn’t seem to be that kind of mistake.


It happens time to time…


And Santa is White.


This doesn’t seem to be that kind of mistake

Why not? That was my first assumption



It wasn’t Jimmy Carter’s obituary that was accidentally posted. It was detail in a story about George H.W. Bush, and it’s hard to see how even a cut-n-paste could do it. My guess is fingers on autopilot.


“This is more or less what happened during the Carter presidency.”

With a sword like that he will never die!


mmm - most likely what got printed was a canned article, which EVERYONE has for all sort of celebrities, including former presidents. It is supposed to be 98% ready to go, just need to change a few things. Every year someone, somewhere posts one of these prematurely.

In the Queen of England’s case, they have a whole protocol for what happen when she dies, and the various news agencies there actually have dress rehearsals for it from time to time.


Yeah, I figured it was a case of an intern being tasked with updating these just-in-case articles, and the pipeline messing it up.


And in the true spirit of Christ, Carter forgives Fox their transgression…



Noam gets on to Carter after about five and a half minutes, but I’ve cued it to begin where he starts discussing Ford, as the problems of Carter are related to those of Ford.


I’m sure this is exactly like the kind of mistake they make (over and over again) when they identify a Republican politician involved in a scandal as a Democrat…


Interesting read from last year during the Brexit/Presidential election time period.


Just like Jesus.