Texas woman who read in major newspapers that she died disagrees: "I am alive"

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So she’s not feeding the worms, but her parents are feeding the ducks. Got it.


So far, it just looks like sloppy work by bird cage liners. It’s when the banks and government think that you’re dead that the real Kafka hell begins.


… and the real enemy is the HOA, as usual.


Yeah, it sounds like there are at least a couple flavors of a-holes in this setup. And they are in Texas? What are the odds?




My dad has been dead for over a decade so no chance of this happening with him, but I haven’t spoken with my mother in several years now. (Summer of 2021, I think?) I can see her making a similar statement to some stranger that makes the mistake of listening to her. Of course she’s far more likely to use my deadname which hasn’t been my legal name since August 2022, so that would make things even more fun. (“I’m alive, but the person that you’re naming didn’t really exist in the first place.”)


noticed she’d always phrased her grief in terms of “losing” or having “lost” her daughter without explicitly saying she had died or even “passed”

“She is no longer with us… she’s in Austin”


Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?


We’re witnessing the death of journalism here. This went from a poor word choice by this woman to an entire narrative about why they moved, etc, constructed from whole cloth by the first major outlet to report on it. Then all the other outlets regurgitated the story and not a single one of them checked a single fact in the story.

Disgraceful and very worrying. Democracy dies without the press.


The Daily Mail has been in the forefront of killing journalism for 126 years.


Eh. More of a ‘Where will you be when your parents think you’re all about feeding ducks and…only accessible through conflict with another HOA you need to move to join?’

Also could be ‘That time I double-blinded injunction and remedy against an HOA for 5 kinds of putting persons (who could be my family) out on the street.’


I wonder what could have happened about 6 years ago last July to have caused the estrangement.

Hmmm. According to TFA:
The couple have lived in their $439,900 property for the past eleven years with no issues
Kathleen Rowe, 65, and her husband George are now facing losing their $439,900 home in Cypress, Texas, because of the lawsuit.

Cypress is a suburb NW of Houston. I can remember when it was a semi-remote rural area…

They moved into the home after the death of their only child and found feeding the ducks was a therapeutic way of dealing with the loss of their adult daughter.

So, was the estrangement 6 years ago? 11 years?

The HOA claim that feeding the ducks causes ‘imminent harm and irreparable injury’ to the Plaintiff, and the suit asks permission for the HOA to foreclose on the property if the Rowes continue to feed the ducks.

Fuck all HOAs.
Buncha rule-mongering Control Freaks.


While I mostly agree with you, some HOAs are necessary. Any neighborhood that has extensive community property, especially if there is a hazard like a creek, lake, or pool, is going to need to have a legal association to act as an entity for legal liability and insurance.

Mine serves exactly that purpose and is very laissez faire about the whole property appearance thing. Thank goodness, too. Technically we are supposed to keep our grass below 6” in height but good luck keeping in line with that when the yard resembles a swamp during peak springtime growth periods.

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For a few years now, I’ve been asking what the public should (or can) do when the press is complicit in trying to kill it. It’s like they publish pictures of a stabbing victim on the ground and the killer standing over the body with a bloody knife, but the headline/caption reads, “Person dies after a fall. Read our in-depth report on the danger of knives!”


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