How AFP fact-checked a wild hoax about Biden's 2020 "death"

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Reporter: Hiya Chief, I’m back!

Editor: Where the hell have you been? I sent you out on assignment four years ago!

Reporter: C’mon, you always knew how dedicated I am when I get a hold on a story. And let me tell you: now I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. You ready? It turns out that not only is Joe Biden alive, he’s also been running the Executive branch of the United States government from the west wing of the White House since 2021!

Editor: Stop the presses! And someone get me a coffee!

Intern: On it! Heading out to Ethiopia now, I should be back in a few months depending on conditions at sea.


This closes the time-loop of 2062 that nearly destroyed an entire block of Starbucks in New York City.


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