Artificial intelligence brought the freaky visuals to this music video

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It’s all AI to me.

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What would be the audio analog?

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Looks like the results of an enthusiastic dose of 2C-E. After you’ve stopped going ‘OWWWWW, my nose!’, that is.

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I think you meant “Turn up the volume…”.

Simple mistake. No harm, no foul.


I’m getting too old for this shit.

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Anyone planning on capturing freaky visuals of their own Hardcore Anal Methane discharges should watch this video.



There’s some trippy bits in there for sure. The skipping and stuttering and color-y bits and high pitched scraping remind me of AL-LAD.

I know right? Recently I said fuck it to my set and setting rule of only playing safe, relaxing music. I put on the headphones and listened to Metallica’s Master of Puppets for the first time while tripping on acid. It was maniacal, hysterical, menacing, and absolutely wonderful.


Granted for some people Metallica is relaxing and safe.

It’s all relative. And some stuff is just so over the top.

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Yeah, Master of Puppets is such familiar territory for me I wouldn’t have any trouble falling asleep to it.

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Fascinating question! Possible a set of loops of speech -> text -> speech…?

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