Artists worldwide to play "hide and seek" with mushroom art for "Game of Shrooms"

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Radioisotopic psilocybin and real-time neuroimaging.

The molecules are somewhere inside me – but where?

Estimated cost: $1.7 million USD.


Signed up to participate in this last year. I knew I would be in Tokyo on that day and was (as far as I could tell) the only person in Japan taking part. I created 3 small mushroom sculptures and left them at various Tokyo landmarks. Took photo ‘clues’ and posted on social leading up to, during and after the event.

Thing is even though I wrote my name, email, social media handles and the event hashtags on each of the sculptures. I never found out what happened to them. They just disappeared.

It would be nice to think they are now pride of place on some unknown Japanese mantlepiece. However I think its much more likely ultra efficient Japanese cleaners got to them first and they’re now in Japanese landfill.

In the end it was a fair amount of work and probably the most unrewarding art event I’ve ever taken part in. Not because I didn’t get likes or mentions or whatever. But because it would have been nice to know that the sculptures made into the hands of someone who valued them.

I doubt I’ll ever do another game of shrooms. But if anyone else out there is tempted to join in I’d recommend doing it so that the ‘shroomdrop’ is protected in some way and prevented from ending up in the garbage.

That’s a shame, but they will confuse the hell out of an archaeologist in a few hundred years. I do like the whole “leave something lovely for people” to pick up and use or admire though.

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