Video: How shrooms make you trip


FYI this video contains a major error. Note that I am not an expert, but have just read my Terence McKenna. While the topic of the presentation is exclusively the plain brown Psilocybin mushroom, the drawing continuously depicts the colorful red capped Amanita Muscaria, or fly agaric. These are VERY different species and are not to be confused. Amanita has a unique psychotropic mechanism that is not well understood. It has been used for shamanic rituals and Wasson argued that it was actually the mythical Soma, but it must be prepared properly for psychedelic use. Just in case anyone wanted to go foraging after watching this: you are looking for the ugly brown fellas that grow in around cow poop, and not the beautiful Alice in Wonderland toadstools. Those could kill ya if you aren’t careful.


Great, now I really want to do shroorms at least once!

When the police tase me nude screaming at pink cthulhu in the middle of a soccer game I will tell the “The Internet told me to”.

And it will be YOUR fault! (not mine)

So… anybody knows where can a gentlemen purchase those myconic pleasures?

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You will be far too distracted by your own brain to go running nude into a soccer games.

Just go look for some cow poop. Thats where SWIM said you could find them.

You’re correct that the mushroom illustrations in the video look a lot more like Amanita muscaria than any Psilocybe or other psilocybin-containing species. However, A. muscaria is not deadly, despite what some older guide books say. It doesn’t contain the amatoxins present in A. phalloides (AKA the death cap) and friends.

And please, budding psychnauts, don’t go foraging for magic mushrooms. Identifying mushrooms is not simple, and magic mushrooms aren’t as easy as novice-friendly varieties like morels, chanterelles, and oysters. Eating the wrong mushroom is more likely to make you sick than kill you, but it’s still not a good time. It’s much safer to get your mushrooms from your local dealer.

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Scientists have also suggested that the brain may temporarily rearrange itself by inhibiting normal brain activity and immediately creating new biologically stable brain connections. This, ultimately, makes it harder to determine reality from fantasy and amplifies your intensity of thought which makes planning ahead and self conscious thinking almost impossible.

That’s an acceptable description of ego death. The reference to 'inhibiting normal brain activity and immediately creating new biologically stable brain connections' means, to me, that the brain/mind system is finding other stable methods of generating consciousness without reference to the strongly reinforced habit of fixedly associating all thought with an internalised construct of a conscious self.


A friend of mine should probably try this because otherwise his “ego death” is going to come from pulling an Earnest Hemingway number with a shotgun. it’s amazing that people can willingly die without the slightest curiosity about getting to the root of their problem…

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Oh, yeah. Conscious perception of self-dissolution even sounds more terrifying than plain old unconsciousness.
I think on some conscious, decision making level, even the most hardcore naive optimists are aware of their subconscious desire to explicitly avoid recognising something they intend to never address.

Regarding another video by these people Nice Guys Finish First: It’s no accident that “Winsome” contains the word “Win”. There’s a nuance there. Because “Winsome” has an implicit sense of weakness to it. The willingness to please. The motivation for winning is the desire to please which is essentially a weak position. Winners have to perform to please… the crowd, their boss, their audience, their Mom. Their Homies. Their Dad. Someone who dissed them when they were young. Winning is a Loser script. Winners (or those who need/have to win) are Losers because they cannot think independently. They are desperate for approval. Winners often collapse when the show is over and it’s time for therapy. Thinking… Being… independently (of approval) is a far more mature challenge, demanding a more mature and complex understanding of the Self and its relation to Life.

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