Magic mushrooms "amplify brain's dreaming areas"


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Only thing they ever did for me was give me explosive diarrhea while flying home the next day, and that flight spent extra time circling and on the tarmac. Or maybe I just dreamed that.


The link in the post to the study returns a “403 forbidden” error.
This worked for me (pdf link).

Unless you are professional, mushrooms on a plane sounds like a recipe for bad times. Especially given the menu of in-flight entertainment selections.

Do yourself a solid and get in the promiximty some woods next time. It can be very convenient when/if the overwhelming urge to hug trees kicks in. You can feel them breathing!


I edited that to make it clear it was the next day.

Not everyone reacts the same, and it’s possible you didn’t take a high enough dose if, during your trip, nothing happened. Or they weren’t actually magic mushrooms. Or they were just shitty mushrooms (highly possible). And the explosive diarrhea could have easily been a coincidence. That said, it can irritate some peoples’ stomachs. I always tend to barf once each trip, but I have a sensitive stomach, and I am usually prepared for it, and then I feel loads better. It’s weirdly satisfying, actually. I’ve never gotten diarrhea, though, which is what leads me to believe it was a coincidence, especially if it was the next day and not during the actual trip.


The trees do tend to make faces at you, but most of them are friendly.


From the article: “Unlike most recreational drugs, psychotropic mushrooms and LSD don’t provide a pleasant, hedonistic reward when they’re consumed. Instead, users take them very occasionally, chasing the strange neurological effects instead of any sort of high.”

This leads to the straightforward question: Why is this stuff illegal to own?

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We can’t have people walking around thinking. It sets a dangerous precedent.


It sounds like a worse idea if you are a professional, imagine trying to make an instrument landing or even properly navigating in zero visibility while distracted by shrooms.
Reminds me of the time in college when my friends future wife showed up in our dorm about 30 min after he had dropped some acid, she wanted him to give her mother tech support for Windows95!


Having a little vomit is part of the coming-up with shrooms. It is, as you say, satisfying. It’s cathartic in a way, as you feel like you’re removing all the shit in yourself so there’s a good clean base to start tripping on. And you feel invigorated afterwards.
And yeah, on a plane? No no no. When you’re up to speed, all you’re going to want to do is be outdoors.
Sunny day and woodland is best. Take loads of water. Don’t bother with food, you’ll soon forget how to eat.

Well, @PrestonSturges did say it was the day after. Though it is something you ingest, and it’s entirely possible they were not only bad/not-very-strong mushrooms, but also stored improperly and so they got moldy or something and that’s what got him sick. Entirely possible. This is why you know your sources (get references!) and inspect the product before ingestion. It’s also why it’s recommended to get whole caps and stems rather than ground. You can then grind yourself and make tea with it! Although in my opinion, eating them as-is is part of the fun and charm (it’s totally gross). :wink:

I do wonder if he’d gotten any sleep yet (and more than just a doze). I’d also suggest against tripping when you have real responsibilities the next day. It’ll color your trip, and make it harder for you to enjoy. It’s a much better idea to trip when you have a totally free, aimless night at your disposal, with nothing at all to do the next day AND night except reflect and sleep (and I suggest eating and drinking your favorite food and drinks the day after a good trip, because they will be quite wonderful! And watch your favorite comedy in bed; it’ll be hilarious and brand new!).

One time I made the rather fun mistake of eating some I had left in my freezer. “Oh, they’ve been there for two years. I bet they aren’t any good any longer.”



I could talk about this for days. I genuinely really enjoy hallucinating and even though it’s been quite some time, I remember the last time vividly (which would be the fun mistake I just mentioned).

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I took psychedelic mushrooms every week for a year. Wonderful stuff. Brought my lady and me closer together than ever… Especially when physically intimate. We resolved some stuff that would have been impossible without it.

This and ecstacy are the drugs that have had the most profound and positive effects on my life. And mescaline… Though that’s so damn hard to find.

Being a responsible psychonaut is very rewarding! Glad to see more research is being done on what is probably the most promising tool for understanding psychology and ourselves.

Take a look at the psychedelic studies Tim Leary (who is a villian in many respects) did with prison inmates to understand what’s possible.

Amidst all that brain chaos, old ingrained habits can be seen, understood, and changed. Through guided trips people can accomplish amazing therapeutic works, culminating in peak experiences. Samadhi. The bliss state. A feeling of oneness with everything that is very real, enduring, and life changing.

MOST of them are friendly. But watch out for the Black Huorns.

The fascinating article confirms the old adage “set and setting” when taking psychotropic substances. Don’t do it if you’re in an emotionally unhappy place, you’ll hate it.

This sounds like pretty ground breaking research for 1972.

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It wasn’t the shrooms - unless they’d been contaminated otherwise, or had not been dehydrated completely (or had been stored in a place where they were able to rehydrate). Food is a much more likely candidate for the blame.

  1. Tripping anywhere is pretty fun. Don’t let others dictate how you enjoy yourself - you choose the story lest we all end up depressing clones of a stereotype.

  2. wth is a “professional”?

  3. “queasiness” is usually the described side effect - not vomiting - as it doesn’t make people spew with the same frequency as things like mescaline or ayahuasca. I feel queasy every single time but have never spewed. It’s a subjective thing, people. Don’t scare noobs.

  4. FWIW there are many “magic mushrooms” - the most commonly consumed being cubensis. The ones pictures are actually psilocybe semilanceata which are certainly psychoactive but less common.


Literally mind-expanding - connects parts of the brain that do not normally connect without it.

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Once upon a time I used to be able to gorge the things in large quantities and marvel at the experience. Somewhere along the line they started upsetting my stomach and now it doesn’t matter if I have 3 weak shrooms or 10 strong ones. I’ll spend half the night crapping out water and not enjoying the “enhanced” claustrophobic feeling of being stuck in a bathroom all night. The next day won’t be quite so bad, but I’ll still need to make quite a few unpleasant stops. I don’t remember vomiting off them in recent years though.

Acid on the other hand just makes me feel freaking wonderful.

@teapot It wasn’t the shrooms - unless it was the Shrooms… Fresh, dried, dried ground and capped, put into tea. It’s always diarrhoea with me.

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