Magic mushrooms "amplify brain's dreaming areas"

Super-weird man! I should have, of course, added the compulsory YMMV :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you get this effect with anything else? Could something else in them be causing that or do you think it’s the psilocyn/psilocybin?

My stomach isn¹t exactly iron and I get an upset stomach pretty easily. But
with the exception of a big chocolate milkshake (or any decent quantity of
dairy) there isn¹t anything else that causes the effect with such vigour and

I don’t know about that. It depends on your perspective and how you deal with being “emotionally unhappy.” One benefit of mushrooms is that it can give you a new perspective. I wouldn’t suggest someone NEW to the world of mushrooms and psychedelics to take them when they are not in a great place, but as an experienced user, and someone who doesn’t have bad trips even when things get weird or uncomfortable, I have taken them when I was not “emotionally happy”. And THAT is when I had the most benefit. Suddenly things weren’t so bad anymore. And I got to sit next to a happy little blanket crab in my blanket forest.

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If you do fine on acid, you might try this: Take dried shrooms and powder them. Soak them in a cup of tepid, (not hot!), water for a bit - essentially making a tea. Drink it, leaving the “grounds” at the bottom of the cup. Psilocybin and psilocin are very water soluble, and this method removes all the (unpleasant) flavor, which may be what nauseates you.


I think it should be “breath [sic]” because the word is breadth. Bad transcription?

Not only is thinking discouraged, but thinking differently is especially frowned on. It is a real threat to the controlling powers who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. It’s no secret that our government is influenced by military, corporate and religious interests. Psychedelics can reveal how arbitrary and contrived our society, policies, and conventions really are, and make people question them. Heaven forbid they become inspired to change things. Nobody who is winning wants to see the rules of the game altered (unless it is by them for their own further benefit).

Alcohol, which dulls thinking, is tolerated even though it is far more harmful than psychedelics.

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I have a friend who gets this same reaction from a lot of “normal” mushrooms we eat as food. I wonder if you just have grown a sensitivity to it over the years. It happens. :confused:

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