A handful of psychedelic "Atlantis" mushrooms in Amsterdam


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I prefer liberty caps myself.


How some folks can happily eat greasy meaty fried food before and during mushroom trips is beyond me.

I’ve found I’m much happier and more comfortable if I eat light meals in the lead up - mostly veggies and grains, little meat, nothing deep fried - and snack on really easy stuff like fruit during.


Thanks for confirming I have absolutely no need to try this experience.


I just spent several days in Amsterdam for the first time, and found it to be a delightfully beautiful, happy, playful city with wonderful food. I never saw truffles/mushrooms – though I wasn’t really looking very hard – but my friends and I enjoyed a few visits to The Balloon Coffeeshop, which was friendly, relaxed, and had great pre-rolls for 3-5 euro and tasty space cakes for about 8. Good coffee, too!


Attorney accompices: Highly recommended


I loved Chipsy King, but I also love this frites/burger place, just for the statue outside.


That’s funny, being Dutch I try to avoid Amsterdam as much as possible. It’s overflowing with drunk, stoned or otherwise intoxicated tourists doing stupid shit and being a general nuisance. They all think everything is fair game there, but um, no, you’re just annoying us.

The city council is actually looking into ways to try and curb the ever increasing flow of tourists. It’s no longer worth the money they bring in.


I generally kept to the canals, Museumplein, and other spots that somehow weren’t ‘overflowing with drunk stupid tourists’. Lots of people taking pictures, drinking coffee, going to shops, and riding bicycles. There were certainly lots of loud, obnoxious people at night, especially around the Red Light district, but I disagree that the city needs to keep tourists out. I think that’s very small minded.


Oh they won’t keep them out, they want to limit growth. Already the housing market over there is terrible, the number of airbnb is ridiculous, locals can’t find anywhere to live because they’re being priced out. Balancing the needs of the locals versus those of the tourists is a delicate act, but it needs to be done or the city will turn into nothing but tourists eventually. See also places like Venice, where the same thing is happening.


Ah yes, in the Netherlands/Amsterdam we really love stoned/drunken tourists puking and pissing in the street and staring at the sex-workers. It’s nice when people appreciate what the country has to offer. Please come again!


Right? This sounds like a complete nightmare.


It’s been a long time since I last tried shrooms; SSRIs seem to make them not work much for me. But they were amazing! Everything was amazing! Yay! Sometimes it was also weird, but the “Oh, wow! Everything is Awesome” switch seemed to get turned on pretty reliably. This is the US west coast, so it was dried shrooms of whatever kind the hippies in the park were selling, probably cubensis, but I never had nausea problems with them. The only difficulty I had eating greasy food was that nachos are, like, really complicated things that are hard to pick up when they’re waving around.


To avoid the nausea and the sleepies that psilocybin can give you, try taking them as a tea made in a french press.

Put your shrooms in the french press.
Slice up about 1 square inch of fresh peeled ginger (or more if you like) and put it into the french press. (this reduces or eliminates nausea)
Add 1 - 2 Tbsp of Gunpowder Green Tea (other teas work, as does mate, but gunpowder green tea is by far the best in my opinion) into the french press (this keeps you from getting sleepy)
Squeeze one lemon into the french press (this enhances the bioavailability of the psilocybin and counteracts any loss of psychoactivity that could result from the heat of the water)
Boil water in a kettle and then pull it away from the heat for a moment. Fill the french press with the the just-less-than boiling water.
Steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pour your tea into cups. Add honey to taste. (You may be surprised to discover that this stuff actually tastes good!) Share with friends. Drink as many cups as you like. Continue to add hot water on top of the herbs until there is no more flavor or you just don’t want any more.


It doesn’t have to be a debauched mess. When we were in Amsterdam, we took a relatively small dose of shrooms (maybe 2 g each), and went to the Van Gogh museum.

It was absolutely lovely. The museum itself is a beautiful building, to say nothing of the art in it of course. Van Gogh is a very good match for a light shroom experience. The constant even light levels are managed by having a glass roof and light-controlled blinds - so as clouds came and went, the light stayed the same, and there was a faint rattling sound from above, some motion almost detectable in peripheral vision. That was rather trippy especially before we noticed what was causing it.

The attached touring collection hall is a high vaulted space that echoes beautifully. Someone in there was walking around with a small bell of some kind on their person, which was putting faint pretty tinkling sounds into the reverberating space. Someone else was pushing a disabled child around in a wheelchair, and the love we could see between parent and child was awe inspiring.

The tummy trouble at a reasonable dose like that was basically “I have no particular interest in food right now; I will be happiest if I focus on the paintings and don’t think too carefully about my digestion.”

The duration of the trip was well matched to the scale of the museum - we were most of the way down to baseline when we left, appetites returned in time for a nice picnic lunch in the park outside the museum.


I’ve never had or wanted anything more than Gatorade or bananas/berries on shrooms, so I can relate.

Edit: I would probably include almonds or pistachios next time



gurgle, frrrnt


I dunno how happily people are doing it. But from what I’ve been told heavy meals before hand slow down how fast you digest/metabolize them. Basically meaning you slow things down, they take a bit longer to hit, don’t hit as hard, and linger a bit longer. Idea being to mellow things out to avoid nasty experiences. A full stomach is supposed to limit the chance of vomiting. And the fats and salts are supposed mitigate the come down/hang over.

Same steps work pretty well with alcohol, so it makes a bit of sense. But then I’ve only taken mushrooms once. A very small amount, wrapped in steak. Usually just the baby sitter.