Watch how to find and eat giant puffball mushrooms


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They are really tasty.



First I thought they were sickeningly cute for cutting mushrooms together. Then I realized he’s missing a hand. Then I thought they were super cute working together in the kitchen. :couplekiss_man_woman::mushroom:


I was doing a workout in high school cross country, and my teammate suddenly went off trail. I waited for him, and he came back out with a shirt full of puffballs. We were the last ones in and the coach (biology teacher) was a bit miffed. My friend explained how good they were, and that he couldn’t pass them up. The coach insisted that they were inedible, and made him throw them away.

Next practice, he breaks out a container of cooked mushrooms, and offers some to the coach, who loved them. Yep, they were puffballs, and the coach went red and actually apologized, which was really unlike him.


I wish I’d known how good these were back in elementary school - they grew all over our school grounds. Mostly we just stomped on them because they went poof and blew spores all over the place.


Mushrooms are a hard pass for me; the texture reminds me of a slug. Flavor ain’t so bad, so we use 'em in a couple different recipes, but I can’t handle any pieces big enough to get a bite of. Just slippery and resisting just enough and ugh god even thinking about it makes me queasy.

To each their own though, I can certainly appreciate the joy of gathering things.


Super Happy Puffball!


That’s not a totally bad tradeoff – especially for a kid.


We recently tried corn fungus (aka corn smut, aka huitlacoche) once, so far, as an experiment). Excellent in omelets!! It has a sort of edgy muskiness, like black truffles.

  1. I didn’t know they were editable.

  2. While I am fascinated by fungi, I don’t like to eat them.

  3. That last pic, no way that weighs 50lbs unless she has bionic limbs.


You can slice them, bread them, fry them in a pan

and voilá - a vegetarian Schnitzel:


Hrm… ok… I’d try that… with ketchup. Looks like it needs ketchup or some sauce.



The smaller common puffball (earthballs) are inedible and disgusting even before they mature.


The most common small ones in North America, the gem-studded puffball, are delicious indeed before going to spore.


My dad grew up on a farm, and still dreamily tells stories about the time he discovered a puffball the size of a basketball and they sliced and ate it like this. I’ve always wanted to try it.


Those don’t look like the ones - more like maybe

In any case, all this reminds me yet again why I don’t eat wild mushrooms. There are so many delicious ones, and also some that kill you, and I am wildly unqualified to tell the difference.


You’d think he’d maybe mention that the mushrooms were right in a patch of poison Ivy too…


I like how that images makes it look like he is signalling us to be quiet, as mushrooms are easily scared.