Look how happy the "Mushroom King" is to find a gargantuan mushroom


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Isn’t the Mushroom King the canonical father of Princess Peach?


I found an awesome line of mushrooms growing on a live tree yesterday. Took a pic of it. I love weird fungi.


Can you eat that thing? Because if you can we need to rethink that whole “Teach a man to fish …” business.


I think if it is a bolate, then yes. We were camping up in Shasta a while back and tried to get over to some lava tubes. One car (mine) was not 4 wheel drive and the snow got to hip deep over the road so we turned back. My buddy’s Dad is a mushroom hunter and he said, well this area looks like it might be good for mushroom hunting… so we pull over and I open my door and almost step on a few morels, we gathered many pounds of bolates (none even close to that monster!) and ate em for breakfast lunch and dinner. Even took some home. A dab of garlic, some olive oil, sprinkle of salt and twist of pepper and done!



They so often have those little worms though.


He wears camouflage to sneak up on the shrooms more effectively?



Since the part above ground is the fruiting body, what the hell is that thing like underground? Jabba the Hutt?


Is this the origin of Myconids in D&D?


I took home about 3lbs. of a Berkeley’s Polypore last summer. It was about 15-20% of the mushroom. Gamey flavor, tough and a little gritty. Diced it, and cooked it down with garlic, butter and Worcestershire sauce, and then it was pretty good added to stir-fry, and added it once to a Shooter’s Sandwich.

The “mother” is probably still there by the bike trail, ready to be plucked.


He looks like a “Fun guy” :wink:


There didn’t appear to be “mushroom” in that bag… :rofl:


I’ll get my coat…


And now, fellow mutants, please have a look at your biology textbook under the lemma Termitomyces titanicus Pegler & Piearce and consider the humble termite.


I found a bolete not half that size and was at least that pleased with myself.



Look at this giant mushroom, wow!

Well, we can’t be letting it get any bigger! pick

Sometimes I wish people would just leave things alone. (I am pleased by how happy he is to find it though!)

ETA: I don’t really care THAT much in the case of a mushroom, but similar things with animals do really annoy me sometimes.


Is porcini and I am happy just to look at it.


Cat for scale.