Plants are monsters


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~ shrieks, flees in terror ~


Oh really?





Just as obligatory:

  1. Headline says plants, article is half fungi.

  2. I have found a fungi similar to the spilled guts one. It looked like raisins on a stick.

  3. Similar to Corpse Fingers, have found a stink horn which look like a carrot someone stuck into the ground, with the tip covered in poo. The tip is slimy, broww, and smells kinda like poo. It is supposed to attract flies to move spores around.

  4. I don’t like eating them, but i like finding Fungi.


…that one?

The variety among mushrooms is insane.
I love to look for them as well.
But I also love to eat them.
Uh, not the one pictured, although I think…
don’t try this at home.


I eat the mushroom you pictured fairly regularly. Commonly know as the Fluted Black Elfin Saddle.
I use a food dehydrator sitting under / near my kitchen exhaust hood to suck out the fumes as they dry (You don’t want to breath that stuff in from this particular mushroom). I store them in jars or sealed bags until ready to use.
Re-hydrated, the flavor isn’t wonderful, though it can be improved by sauteing in butter, but either way they add a nice texture to your dish, including the stems.


A decent number of edible mushrooms do not have great flavor, and benefit greatly from some sautéing in butter.


Black Trumpets, in particular. I hate those mushrooms. And I have had them as Ice-cream.



it’s not necessarily the look but the stench they make





Longwood Gardens?


United States Botanic Gardens, Washington DC

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