One magic mushroom trip can permanently make you more open


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I’ll wait for a verdict from the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms.


ok, hypothetically speaking for a friend, how about around a dozen?


What about like 100+ times, hypothetically speaking.


But does subsequent use of other drugs negate the supposedly life-long effects of the mushrooms?

ASKING FOR A FRIEND. No, really. It’s not about me.


I wish we called them science mushrooms.


Can somebody explain to me, non English speaking, what ‘openness’ in this context means? Serious question btw.

Euh non native friend of course.


Maybe I could describe it as more open, but it feels more accurate to say that it made me less afraid.

Some time back, I was barreling headlong into a crisis, maybe call it an emotional breakdown. A person I know, a top-notch human being, helped me have an experience where I turned a corner in my mind. It didn’t touch my day-to-day anxiety, but I was able to let go of some huge existential fear that was keeping me in a bad situation.

I came away with a feeling that “it’s going to be OK”. Not easy, comfortable or free of effort, but really OK. It wasn’t my first experience, but it was the experience that I needed at that time.


From the article: “Openness is a psychological term referring to an appreciation for new
experiences. People who are more open tend to have broad imaginations
and value emotion, art and curiosity.”


Perhaps a prod towards neophile tendencies? “constructive gullibility”?


In personality psychology, ‘openness’ is usually a formal term referring to one of the five top-level dimensions of individual personality within the Five Factor Model (FFM) or ‘Big 5’. This model of personality uses an absolute scale (as opposed to the bi-modal scale of Myers-Briggs). Proponents of the Big 5 contend that this model has the unique advantage of implicit construction (i.e. based on empirical findings rather than a priori notions of human personality like that of Jung) as well as greater cross-cultural validity than other personality models.

[Edit: I just realized I never answered your question. ‘Openness’ within the FFM is a top-level dimension whose group of traits include things like ‘openness to new ideas’, ‘eccentricity’, ‘intuitive thinking’ and the like.]


I’d say that it has to do with willingness to accept what is coming at you (versus fight against it). With food, if you are willing to try something you’ve never heard of, that’s openness. With people, it would be willingness to have a genuine interaction on a human level, both share and listen.


Why do you think it’s illegal? Jeez, I mean, people being more open is scarier to the puritans than being addicted to smack.


Ah, thanks! To you all. :slight_smile:
Very helpful, makes it a lot clearer.

Probably something for my friend to think about.


I don’t think I need more of that (he says while wearing a dinosaur tail and sipping a tea of brandied orchid stamens)


“These mystical experiences were marked by a sense of profound connectedness, along with feelings of joy, reverence and peace,”



Having seen you comment in other threads, you seem very knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Just curious what your background is.


I’m game. I need a boost to get over my social awkwardness…


A friend who tried it reports that he lost interest in owning a new Corvette after the experience.


Psychology, psychopharmacology, nursing, and neuroscience, in that order. Some indecisive students hop majors as undergrads; I hopped majors, schools, and universities.

[Note to current undergraduates: unless your future profession demands it, don’t do this. Grow your gardens where you are. University is about social growth as much as intellectual growth. Each major is based on a discipline. Learn what this discipline requires. Major in the discipline and its subject matter. If you don’t see a difference between the two, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor right the hell now. If you don’t want to major in an academic discipline, drop out of university and learn a trade instead. Doing so will not stunt your intellectual growth and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.]