Update on the orgasm-inducing Hawaiian mushroom


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Where do we sign up to volunteer as test subjects? Is there a per diem or do we need to pay our own way to Hawaii?


Say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so.


Men: not understanding the female orgasm since the beginning of time!


Orgasm-face pics or it didn’t happen.


This makes the orgasm-inducing mushroom much like most dudes that claim to induce orgasms in women: well-advertised, but suspiciously evidence-free.


Science is perhaps best understood as a process of falsifying hypotheses, and not a process of proving them. So, the question isn’t whether the “orgasmic power is unproven”, but whether it has been falsified.


This is an example of the limitations of the Popperian approach to science, as the statement “some women experience orgasms following exposure to this material” (or “no women…”) is not necessarily falsified until every last woman has been tested. (The Black Swan problem.)

What is needed is a model with explanatory power - e.g. a demonstration that a molecule produced by the fungus, when absorbed by skin, either resembled or was converted into another molecule that was known to induce orgasms (such as clomipramine, which is documented.)

Popperian falsification, in fact, only really works within a theory, and you cannot construct a scientific theory simply by falsifying hypotheses. The primary activities for science remain investigation and induction. As one of my lecturers commented, many working scientists use Popper’s ideas to discredit philosophy of science. They don’t realise that Popper is just part of the history of philosophy of science.


Are you saying that the hypothesis that “science is reducible to a rule-book” remains unfalsified?


I still think there’s something here. Why else would my wife want to go back to Hawaii again and again?? :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll hold off on that Kickstarter for Dictyophora after shave.


You need a better slogan. “The Dictyophora Effect” is a mouthful.


Road trip, everybody! (Okay, probably air trip for most of us.) Worst case scenario, we’re in Hawaii!! (And any orgasms experienced are brought about in more conventional ways.)

I was going to ask yesterday: would a sudden, spontaneous orgasm with no build-up actually feel… well, orgasmic? I mean, I suppose it might feel better than no orgasm at all, but it’s hard for me to imagine what it might feel like when isolated from a gradual sensual buildup.

Then again, I’m a cisgender fella, so I doubt I have any real accurate concept of what a female orgasm subjectively feels like anyway. I hope it’s as wonderful as I’ve always assumed!


How about “A little dab while I do ya”?


Ladies can go from zero to orgasm in a few seconds under the right circumstances (ie - vibrators) so I imagine it would be like that.

(If this turns out to be just a sneeze I’m gonna be pissed!)


You orgasm when you sneeze? Wow. I wish I was a lady. Hay fever would be so much more interesting.


I wish! More like I’ve heard it said that sneezes are like “orgasms for your head” - and, no, they’re not. (I did know a lady that orgasmed from crunches… going to the gym was fun for her)


Wow… one of the luckier souls I’ve ever heard of! I imagine I’d have one hell of a sixpack by now if that were the case for me. Alas, crunches for me are… well, crunches. Boring and deucedly uncomfortable.


I don’t think they exist.


I think I found our sponsor for the fact finding mission to Hawaii!