This tropical mushroom gives women spontaneous orgasms from sniffing it


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eta: Is it coincidence that the genus is called Phallus?


I’m willing to volunteer to be a test subject. For science!


I’m seeing a market for edible powder which could be sprinkled on a certain male body part for the ultimate double-win.


You won’t believe this ONE WEIRD TRICK! Doctors hate us!


Where can I buy this particular mushroom. willing to pay nearly ANY price including giving up my 3 children.


I’ma get some of this, dress up in a mask and cape, and run around The Big City jumping out from corners and throwing it in people’s faces.

Not sure if that makes me a villain or a hero, but I’m willing to find out if you are, America!


Orgazmo can be real!


First time I’ve regretted being allergic to mushrooms.


My first thought would be to question the reliability of this International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. It sounds like an august institution of independent study lacking any kind of vested interest in promoting the cultivation and sale of mushrooms. But not really.


I’d volunteer, too, but I’d bet good money that I’ll be in the “does nothing” camp that 2/3 of their test group were in.

I’m not allowed to have nice things.:disappointed:


?? The real WHY question here is WHY is there no Amazon affiliate link in this article to hasten my purchase of this which I will rub all over me?


Though every article I’ve seen about this has photos of entirely different looking fungi.


Spontaneous orgasms sound fun, but just wait until someone decides to put a couple pounds of this in the air ducts of a major building. Or build it into a spray.


According to the German WP (only a offline reference) the impact factor is rather lowish: In the cat pharmacy 218. out of 254, for mycology 22. out of 24 magazines. But the Web of Science lists the magazine, so the bullshit factor is probably not that high :smile:


“a mushroom that grows on lava flows”

How about ‘a mushroom that grows on cooled lava flows’?

For a minute there I was thinking that the pharmacological effects were far less interesting than how this mushroom grew at all!

And then I checked the Wikipedia article…

“where it grows in woodlands and gardens in rich soil and well-rotted woody material”

Ok, a deeper dig gives “forming on lava flows 600–1000 years old”. Where there will be rich soil.


How you going to avoid the people with allergies to fungus? (That allergy is typically the anaphylactic kind so maybe orgasm… maybe death?)


La petite mort?


Damn, score one for the villain camp…I’ll have to remember to maniacally laugh about my grand scheme to force the city to its knees one way or another as Batman is punching me with his million-dollar future-gloves and kung-fu fists.

Though either way, I’m pleased at how mythologically consistent this is. I mean, if I was a goddess of volcanoes, I could probably do worse than inspiring a fire below the surface…

…if you know what I mean…

…(I mean orgasms)


Fortunately, the mushroom itself is already sporting a mask and cape for you to emulate.