Study: THC in cannabis linked to genetic mutations in sperm


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Related: some friends of ours were having a very difficult time getting pregnant, until she told him to lay off the weed for a bit. Problem solved quickly. With that one weird trick, getting pregnant the second time was a snap.


Thanks, I’ll just stick to not having kids.


It’s making Children of the Corn.


“Study: THC in cannabis linked to genetic mutations in sperm”

Well; no worries than.


Actual studies done by actual scientists are showing that there are in fact potential negative side effects to marijuana…so I guess every marijuana proponent I know who scream at me “It’s all natural and perfectly fine for you…there are ZERO harmful effects!!” were…I dunno…maybe not right?

Shocked…shocked I tell you. Well, not that shocked.

BTW…the only harmful side effect I needed to know is the fact it triggers migraines for me.


Cannabis has been widely used since the 1960s and there is no statistical data to back up these claims. Still I suppose the experience of tens of millions comes second to a study involving 24 people.


640px-Radium-palp All Natural!


Tripping balls actually not good for contents of your balls


There are a lot of vices you should forego when trying to have kids.

ETA - I had to go off pain meds. Or rather limit them.


Biologist here:
A mutation is a change in the sequence of nucleotides (A,T,C,G) in DNA. This is NOT what the researchers are reporting. They are seeing changes in methylation, which is a chemical change to DNA that may affect at what times the gene is read (and still may be important) but is NOT a mutation. We’re not talking about the types of changes that cigarettes cause to create cancer for instance. More accurate title:
THC in Cannabis Linked to Epigenetic Changes in Sperm
THC in Cannabis May Affect How Sperm Genes Expressed


Boy. Talk about a buzz kill.


Maybe they were wearing ‘tight briefs’ during the ‘controlled test’, deforming the Spermatozoon.



I think I understood the article.


I wonder how many other things impact gene expression in sperm.


Wake me up when there is a statistically significant sample size or when someone can demonstrate that changes to sperm are measurably harmful. Until then, I’ll ignore the junk sensationalism of this “actual science”
As for the “zero harmful effects crowd” no one should listen to them anyway. Lots of very beneficial things can be made harmful if over used or used in an unsafe manner. Anyone who tells you something has zero harm is uninformed or lying. Even vitamin C, on of the safest nutrients one can ingest is dangerous to people with kidney problems or iron overload. Heck, over 2000 mg risks intestinal problems. That these risks exist isn’t a reason to say vitamin C is dangerous but it does help illustrate why the hyperbolic no harm crowd isn’t to be taken seriously.

Some say it’s even older than that… by a few thousand years.


I smoke assloads of weed and my partner managed to get pregnant. That data of course is not quite as useful as the data collected from two dozen people in an uncontrolled study but hey, it makes ya think!

(No, actually it doesn’t make me think at all. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m gonna go do weed stuff now)


Like I said…the fact that when I tried it and when I am around it has triggered a migraine every time is the only “study/data” I need to say “Keep it the fuck away from me”. :wink:


On the topic of interesting studies, a fun read



It’s interesting that now that we have access to legal weed in a handful of states, that our medical researchers, instead of researching in earnest all the outstanding claims of pain reduction and other “miracle” properties of cannabis, decide instead to “research” harm to sperm count. It’s as if the research backers have already decided on an outcome.

In fact it sounds almost propagandistic: smoking cannabis weakens your manhood!


On a side note: Internet mostly fake now