Tracking down the infamous orgasm mushroom


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Very stimulating.


Yes, looks just like a penis and induces spontaneous orgasm in women out of nowhere. Don’t forget Believacybe Cortexus which, when merely thought about, induces spontaneous gullibility.


If your penis looks like a Dictyophora, then you are long overdue a visit to your doctor.


Is it a bad sign if your penis induces orgasms in women?


Boing Boing stands revealed as part of the Big Pene conspiracy to conceal the truth.


only if you define “bad” the way Run DMC does…


If it is real, this will be the fastest human-caused extinction in Earth history. Hopefully mycologists can get enough test samples to discover if the effect can be synthesized before the mushrooms are all used up. Otherwise it might as well be a hoax.


No, it is a hoax. [Citation above]


Pretty much. Having read the article, the author goes to really great lengths to give the research some reasonable doubt but everything about the paper itself falls apart, same with the hawaiian “folk tale” about the mushroom, local knowledge about stimulating mushrooms (or any kind of mushroom in the traditional lore), the researcher’s NDA, etc. Nothing quite adds up. Is it 100% bullshit? Maybe not, but there’s not enough plausibility there.


Kinda reminds me of Dryads in David Eddings’ Belgariad: it’s heavily implied, though never explicitly stated, that chocolate gives them orgasms.


Yup, shoulda RTFA. My bad.


Imagine my disappointment pedantic satisfaction to see that Mark has repeated the misspelling from the Discovery report.


To anybody who is considering foraging for these fungi on Hawai‘i Island, please be aware that simply by hiking around you may be spreading Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death, an epidemic that is killing the culturally-important ‘ōhi‘a lehua tree.

These precautions are recommended:

“If anyone is hiking on the Big Island, you are likely to spread fungal spores that cause Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death. Please clean your shoes, gear and clothing after each hike. Decontaminate your shoes by washing in 10% bleach or 70% rubbing alcohol. Spray your backpack and other gear with the same cleaning solution and wash your clothes in hot water and detergent. It is only on the Big Island now – be vigilant not to spread the spores to other islands. Please spread this message to other hikers. Mahalo!”


The original orgasm-triggering mushroom story:


Biebercybe you say? Or perhaps you suggest Biebercide? I prefer the later.


Or maybe just induces them to pretend that it does, much like this mushroom.


Where can I get a veil like that for mine?


Etsy, I’m sure.


Fractal foreskin DO NOT WANT.