Women vs. men – who has better orgasms?


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Jill Stein is a fearmongering crank who thinks Wi-Fi harms children's brains

Um… the answer is obviously pigs, ftw.





To quote The Vagina Monologues: Who needs a handgun when you’ve got a semiautomatic?


I kinda like mine cuz it’s a bit like a mic drop:


All those numbers are aggregates, averages. Who cares? I’m only concerned with myself and my partner.


Do you get a lot of requests for “repeat performances” that way?




Some people have such low standards.




Many years ago I took a Greek mythology class and the teacher took great delight in telling us the story of how Tiresias was changed from a man into a woman after striking a pair of mating snakes. I’m sure some people wish it were that easy, but that’s another story. Zeus and Hera later consulted him about who enjoyed sex more. He said “Oh, women, absolutely!” This caused Hera to lose the argument so she struck him blind, but Zeus gave him the power of prophecy to compensate.











(Most definitely not really.)



My only problem with that song is the approval of cheating.


10-4. I’m fine with polyamory, but lying about it is scumtastic.


Polyamory is fine, as long as all involved parties have consented.

Break You Off is explicitly about sneaking around; who the hell has the time and energy for that nonsense, especially at my age?


Well, they did follow that up with ‘Baby’ from 2006’s Game Theory, so maybe they repented:

Everybody seen him run around and you bound to catch him
The condoms, you found and asked him, was all this just for practice?
He didn’t realize what he had
Now your heart got fractured girl