Women vs. men – who has better orgasms?


IMNSHO, most who cheat want to be someone’s all without that someone being their all. That don’t fly.

I say most because someone in an abusive relationship may “cheat” because they can’t get out.

Preachin’ to the choir†. Still, the siren song of Musiq Soulchild means I won’t turn it of it pops up in a playlist :violin:

† I think at our age, we’ve all been on the receiving end of that bullshit.


I’m not anti-Roots; on the contrary, I dig the hell out of them.

That doesn’t mean I love every song by them; some are better than others.

Agreed; in my experience, I’ve encountered males who just love the fantasy of me, rather than the reality… you know, where I’m an actual person with agency who has my own desires and needs, exclusive of theirs.

Same here, but I won’t actively add it to my playlists, either.


Fair enough. I’ll think twice before adding it to mine in the future.


You said 69. Huh, huh, huhuhhuh.


I’m sorry. I know it was wrong. (Not that sorry.)


I have to concede to being partly responsible to that line of thinking in my youth. I think I was 19 when a lady kind of “broke that spell” & opened my eyes to a “bigger world”. It’s sometimes strange how narrow your thinking can be without you realizing it. Sometimes you need help to realize what you’re doing & that it’s not OK. Ignorance is a terrible burden and certainly not bliss.

Though, I’ve also been on the receiving end during my stint as a Rock-n-Rolla. Playing live shows & meeting someone there, they can have a very specific vision of who & what you are, and any deviation from their vision of you as - at times & in many ways - a “fantasy object”, well, it negates any agency you expect to have in that relationship and, as I’m sure you’re well aware, asserting that agency can be perceived negatively. Life is weird.


See, that’s forgivable; your prefrontal cortex wasn’t done forming yet.

It’s a wee bit different coming from men who are 35 and up.

Major understatement.


tldr version: Oral > Penis for women to orgasm. not news.




You’re preaching to the choir.


As a general comment on the original post, and not the many lol-tastic excursions on this comment thread…

I think statistically comparing the orgasms of male and female physiology is a bit apples to oranges. First of all, ask six different people what an orgasm is and you’ll get nine different answers.

In my strictly anecdotal experience, very few men “climax” more than two or (occasionally) three times in a row, at least in the narrow sense of ejaculation. But a man can experience a susurrating wave of sustained pleasure throughout which is very much tied to his partner’s experiential pleasure (I can only speak to female, but I strongly suspect the same is true with a male partner).

Also speaking anecdotally - and I don’t just mean myself, but also those I’ve observed and/or compared notes with - women can (and I hope I don’t offend anyone here, but the topic is rather…well) cum quite a few times in a row. Now I can’t experience what it’s like for a woman to cum (though rest assured I’ll be on that as soon as mind-melds become a thing), but I suspect for a man it’s more like a longitudinal wave of ecstasy and for women its more like a transverse wave of ecstasy.



You and me both.

If it were possible (and totally reversible), I’d actually trade bodies for a day with a man; just to answer certain questions that occasionally rattle around in my mind…


When Apple perfects the iSwap, you’ve got a body in me.

Wait, that came out wrong.

Or did it?

You people have me so confuzed :anguished:


Apples and Oranges – A Comparison
by Scott A. Sandford, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California

We have all been present at discussions (or arguments) in which one of the combatants attempts to clarify or strengthen a point by comparing the subject at hand with another item or situation more familiar to the audience or opponent. More often than not, this stratagem instantly results in the protest that "you're comparing apples and oranges!" This is generally perceived as being a telling blow to the analogy, since it is generally understood that apples and oranges cannot be compared. However, after being the recipient of just such an accusation, it occurred to me that there are several problems with dismissing analogies with the comparing apples and oranges defense.

: P



1. Men’s orgasms usually last only 3-10 seconds, while women can clock in at 20 seconds or more.



You’re evil… (That’s not the only reason I like you :thinking:)




I kinda had the same reaction. For a guy, a twelve-second, so-intense-you-go-mute-and-damn-near-blind orgasm might well be The One by which all other orgasms are compared. (It sure is for me.) Contentment is referential only to one’s experience.