The psilocybin in magic mushrooms is an insect repellant


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I am repelling insects right now!


New product idea: Shroom Deet!


So, the new ‘Off’ will be ‘Often’.


That’s weird, one of my most memorable psilocybin experienced involved communing with insects…


I wonder what types of insects it repels. Ants are a common consumer of fungal fruit and mycelium. Your bog standard red ant colony and will go through a psilocybe cubensis amazonian patch in a matter of hours.



There is nothing, and I mean nothing in TFA that puts any weight behind the hypothesis. It presumably has some beneficial effect on the mushroom, and some guy thinks the benefit might be as an insect repellant. That’s it. From the article in question:

However, while psilocybin has been shown to affect the brains of mammals including mice, there is little evidence that it affects insects or other invertebrates – barring a famous 1962 study showing that it changes the way spiders build webs.

Argh. Down boy! Bad Boing Boing!


Yes! I came here to post this too. There’s no way that David is unaware of how real science gets turned into clickbait junk, yet here he is…doing it himself. ugh.


And pass on the chance at comments about teletubbies and pretty colors? You must be new here…


I’m pretty sure you’re making a joke, but we can still post fun trip-related images in the comments section of an article with an honest headline


Psilocybin, unlike acid is usually sort of mellow, but dear lord, when it decides to fuck with you…well let’s just say death trips aren’t any fun.


Blue pouch mushroom P. weraroa – no exposed gills. Relies on insects nibbling it to spread the spores. Thus do I refute Slot’s speculation.

Very droll remark in the Whackyweedia page: “probably not a taste sought after for culinary purposes.”

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