Artwork that challenges you to weave in between pendulums


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Total cake for the kids



Re: setting them in motion – towards the end of the video if you look @ the ceiling, you can see the bar they are all attached to, and it’s moving.



I noticed some tangled near the end.


i kept waiting for someone to trip and get nailed by one or scraped by the point of one passing over. at first i was relieved, then i was disappointed…

this reality tv needs better scripting, i wonder how the producers of ash vs evil dead would have shot this? :smirk: :smiling_imp:


And how they keep them from getting all fucked up foucault during the day as ballworld spins.


The video is from 2013 when the installation was shown at the Museum Folkwang, Essen.
Worth a visit if you happen to be in/travel through the area.


In between them, now you’ve ruined the exhibit for everyone.


“intimates” … ?


I’d love to see a follow on digital project where you use motion capture on the people dodging the pendulums - there are some ‘naturally unnatural’ movements that would be interesting put into other contexts.


O remember this! It was a level in Dark Castle!


Yeah, definitely seems like the wrong verb. In context, ‘initiates’ seems more likely. But artists, eh?


I’ve been to this exhibition, it’s a lot of fun! The patterns of the pendula are difficult to predict and beautiful to watch. I did get a bit too carried away, running through them one got snagged on my trouser cuff and I managed to yank it from the ceiling. After a scolding from the museum staff I imagined that I couldn’t have been the first.


That looks fun.

Forsythe’s ‘in the middle, somewhat elevated’ is one of my favorite dance pieces.


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