Watch museum visitor knock clock sculpture off wall


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Curious gentleman destroys museum piece

I was watching expecting to see that maybe like, you know, they got bumped into, or they weren’t watching where they were going.

Nope, like, holy shit. These people should be banned from literally every museum. They were determined to knock that thing down!


What the hell, people?



Yeah, this wasn’t even a ‘hey, Frank, nudge the bar a little bit to see if you can get it moving!’. They tugged and prodded and fiddled with the damn thing like they were at the Exploratorium.


I bet their initial story to security was “I was just walking by and must have brushed up against it!” Uh no. You were fucking with it like a 3 year old at the Touch Me Museum.

I bet they pee in pools, feed the ducks, and take 20 items into the 10 item or less lane.


Speaking as someone who works in a museum, the fact that they at least reported it makes them fucking saints compared to many visitors.


I’ve worked at two different museums. A space museum and an art museum. People love to touch shit. Most of the time it is even adults who should know better.

We had the control panel from the Apollo 13 movie with like 34,000 little switches and those velvet ropes weren’t enough to keep people from messing with it.


I suppose it just looked too interactive and they thought: ‘hey, we’re supposed to pull on the counter-weight and watch it do X.’ I’ve been to plenty of installations where you are required to do X to make Y happen, then Z idea. obviously this was’t one of those. They seemed curious. And remorseful. The lady’s gesture of ‘wtf!’.

I think I have an idea for a business: 3d scanned and printed reproductions of priceless art. Want to fondle the Venus de Milo? Statue of David? Punch that Burgher of Calais in the face, you know the one right, yeah. $99 ($88 with this groupon code).


Why didn’t they just tranquilize the clock!?


I love the fact he tried to put it back again… “it’s OK, they’ll never notice!”


Yeah, but switches are just begging to be touched.
Look at them: lovely mil-spec switches, shining under the lights. Wanting, no, NEEDING to be pressed. It’s what they were born for.

Adults are the worst with this shit- kids I’ll cut a break because impulse control etc etc, but adults? Come on. Control yourself already.


god damn adults


Why can’t we just put them all in padded rooms for their own safety, and the safety of others?


They did a great job mounting the clock.


Butterfingers my ass, fingerbanger is more like it! He was reeeeally all up in that business. I mean, who fondles anything hanging on any wall like that? What a curious fellow.


Here’s a helpful guide for visiting museums:


That’s it. Clip it out and put it in your wallet.


“I wonder how much it costs?”

Well sir, you just found out.


I went on a tour of the nuclear reactor at MIT a while back. Most of the control equipment is original, thousands of little lights and switches and buttons all over the place. I actually asked the guide, “how do you resist wanting to push all the buttons?” Given that this was not a museum but an actual operating reactor, even I could keep my hands to myself. But I did want to. On the way out, the guide let me push the big button that opens the airlock.


I need to reach through the internets and slap your hands with that comment…


What I don’t understand is the guy who walked by when the husband first started messing with it.

You’d better believe, if I see something like that, I say something – loudly and sternly. And if I’m ignored, I’ll find a guard. There is no excuse.