Notable objects in 9/11 museum, and why a reporter was kicked out



You can’t ask questions here. You can’t

rather stalinesque, they think that she was questioning the official story?


Two security guards review their duties:

“People come here to GRIEVE, Dan. It’s PROPER. Goddamn it, anything else IS IMPROPER. They move their bovine asses around the displays and GRIEVE and then they get the fuck out. PROPER. Anybody not properly grieving or doin’ somethin’ WEIRD, you just get out the old PROD and zap em along.”


Once again, Al Qaeda wins and our floundering mocks the Constitution we supposedly believe in…


Even though this is from Buzzfeed, it’s worth a read.


Personally I think the whole thing is a little tasteless. A memorial would be appropriate. It’s way too soon for a museum. It’s gawking at tragedy. The commercial aspect just makes it worse (even if it’s not for profit). We should have waited at least 50 years to open a museum. Certainly one that sells stuff. Just my 2 cents.


Good job they decided not to call that thing the Freedom Tower, eh?


What could be more american? Are you a commie or what?


If you ever watched TV of that day you gawked at tragedy. A museum is more fitting than you think.


Every week my commute is slowed by people gawking at tragedy, or it was until I moved so I can walk to work. Gawking is very American.


This seems entirely appropriate. Obviously the museum teaches not only about the actual event, but the resulting shift in political climate and rapid erosion of freedoms as well.


One of the most profound and moving objects may be this telephone, from the Pentagon

That hits me hard and very close to home. I spent most of that day trying to find out if someone was killed in the Pentagon attack and he couldn’t get in touch with any of us all day because the cell phone towers were overloaded along with other issues.

He survived just by the luck of being elsewhere within the Pentagon outside of his office during the attack. But his office was hit and he lost coworkers that were dear friends of his and burned alive. One of which was very much like his own daughter in many ways. That very well could have been the phone she used for all I know. Ugh…

What sickens me is I wonder how much of this will continue to be exploited to justify endless war to further enrich these evil shits at everyone else’s expense.


Somebody’s got a case of freedom. Because 'Murrica.


I think it’s totally reasonable to not permit journalists to conduct interviews in the memorial. There is an appropriate time and place for that kind of activity, and it certainly isn’t inside where people are grieving and observing solemnly. Removing a journalist for breaking decorum, especially in such a minor way, might be extreme but I agree in principle with the policy.


Yeah, a reporter asking museum-goers to reflect on emotions or what they are experiencing is truly inappropriate and gauche. While having a GIFT SHOP in said place is perfectly copacetic, because free market and stuff.


Deflect the issue if you want but I’m not arguing about the propriety of a gift shop. I’m talking about how inappropriate it is for a reporter to be using the memorial as a place to conduct interviews.


Come on, this is America – I’d be disappointed in anything less than this level of tackiness.

You just know at some point there will be a 9/11-themed show in Branson.

It is no deflection, it is a comprehensive view. Either you consider this a somber environment away from the ordinary noise of the real world, where the event is treated with dignity and quiet solitude and reflection, and you follow that principal all the way through, or you stand as a remarkable hypocrite claiming free speech and freedom of the press is abhorrent, but hawking wears attached to a major tragedy is perfectly acceptable.

It says a lot about our country in that freedom only refers to the ability to sell shit and make money, even if it is done through the blood of brothers. And THIS, in a place where we argued that the aggressors had a problem with our “freedom”. They hit this target to begin with because it was a symbol of money, power, and international commerce. Irony, anyone?

And this is without even addressing that the reporter had already ceased to ask questions.


Maybe there is a “need” for a website called Gawkr where people could post tragic pictures?

So, how much is the cheese board?