Trump campaign frisks, then blocks ticketed Washington Post reporter at Pence rally

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If we start banning citizens

START?!? WTF! tRump has been doing that from the beginning, started awhile back now.


On the one hand, one business snubbing another is nothing new.
On the other, well…it’s just really dumb for a presidential hopeful to antagonize the press.


This is what concerns me most about a Trump presidency. I don’t worry (too much) about him implementing his very vague policies as much as I worry about his supporters. They will feel empowered to actually act on their bigotry, (insert minority)-phobia and racism. We’ve already seen some of his supporters acting out, it will only get worse if he is elected.


In all fairness, Mr. DelReal looks like a really scary guy.


And why should they let him in? He’s just going to quote Trump to try to make him look bad! What’s the point in allowing this so-called “reporter” to spew his propaganda? If he wants to spew propaganda he should get on board with Trump and spew Trump’s propaganda!

Look, the Press can have all the Freedom it wants, as long as it agrees with Trump.*


  • Trump 2016!

Trump has already said he’s willing to violate freedom of speech by loosening defamation laws so he can sue critics. He’s already said he’s willing to violate freedom of religion by profiling Muslims. He’s now shown he isn’t interested in freedom of the press. I’m sure there’s an example of him opposing freedom of assembly (probably in a comment about BLM).

Don’t worry. He’ll leave the 2nd Amendment alone.

He’s already said he wants 4th Amendment-violating spying powers.

I’m guessing he’s not a fan of the 5th or 14th Amendments either.

But I’m sure he’ll uphold the Constitution just fine as president. Believe him. Nobody does the Constitution better than Trump. It’ll be real classy. You’ll love it.


W. Bush before him, if I recall. Obama made them look bad by not sending Fox reporters to Gitmo. Typical Democrat ploy!


Drumpf is an idiot but let’s focus on the things he and his people do that are actually wrong. A paid ticket to an event hosted by a private entity (political party)… that’s not a public event. They can turn anyone away for any reason. Just like I would turn away Drumpf supporters…This is just a butthurt reporter with a bone to pick. Pick that bone brother! Just be honest about it.

I propose adding “thin-skinned” to “tiny-fingered” and “vulgarian.”


In what way would you prefer that Mr. DelReal be more honest about what happened?


Skin is as thin as a mouse’s scrotum and governance as transparent as a brick wall.


Wasn’t that the whole point of the “tiny fingered vulgarian” comment in the first place? That Drumpf was so thin skinned that, even literally decades after that article was published, he’d still be sending the reporter pictures of his hands with the fingers circled?


While you might be correct from a legal standpoint, it’s important to recognize that this is a rally for a man who wants to be the elected leader of the country and anyone in the public was allowed to purchase tickets. The reporter was already a ticket holder. If they didn’t want him to attend, they should have restricted ticket sales and they shouldn’t have pretended like they were going to let him in, but just without his phone and laptop at first. So it was a publicly-accessible event and the guy who wants you to vote for him to become the most powerful public servant is actively being hostile to a member of the public and of the press.


If we start banning citizens … from attending public events for one of the two people who will be our next president, we are sliding down a slippery slope to a future reality that is a very, very bad thing for our country.

  1. Don’t call a private event public
  2. Avoid the use of fear based hyperbole (which is kind of my biggest problem with Drumpf).

Let’s say I form a political party. We then decide to hold a rally. We sell tickets. One of the people who buys a ticket is a reporter who writes about how the 1% are mistreated and we need to ban all muslims from entering the US and deport those who are here, mexicans are rapists, and Obama is a secret muslim. I’ll gleefully turn them away without so much as a second thought. I don’t agree with their politics and don’t want them in my event. Simple as that. This slippery slope stuff is just ridiculous. It’s the same argument people use against gay marriage and trans rights and I don’t care for that sort of F.U.D.

I think that ship has sailed… they already feel empowered and are acting on it. I think no matter what happens, they will continue to act out. If Trump loses, I suspect they’ll eventually go back into the woodwork, but not before making themselves more generally visible for a while after that.


What? They didn’t even force-feed him castor oil?


Honestly, if you sold them a ticket you should let them in. Though to me that’s more of a fraud issue than a freedom of the press issue.


Good point. The ticket price should be refunded.


I understand the Volkische Beobachter has not yet been refused entry or access.