Trump goes feral on Muslim ban ruling, vows to destroy 9th Circuit court, crowds: “Lock Her Up!”


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Did he accuse the court of acting for political reasons?

What the fuck does he think a court does?


I don’t think that most of his supporters understand any legal system beyond lynching. I expect Trump knows better (If he doesn’t then the lawyers he employs will), but he is just reinforcing their ignorance for his own benefit.



I thought he was gonna “lock her up” on “day one” of his Presidency (his own words.)

What a lame-o.

Lock her up already, Donnie. Go on, do it. What, are you a pussy or something? C’mon.

Nyaaah nyah nyah nyaaaahhh nyahhhhh! Donnie’s a pussy!

(sorry, seemed about the right speed for his comments.)


It’s times like this I try to remind myself that Trump is not America and this too shall pass


Would that be an unprecedented Presidential overreach? or is it merely unpresidential?


It’s unpresidented.


Yes, please.


He’s been involved in civil courts for decades; he’s used to the environment where the side with the best lawyers (i.e. him) win. (Also, you’re assuming that he’s actually engaged in conscious contemplation, rather than just reactionary anger)


Most modern Presidents (including Nixon and Prince Bush) have realised that once the campaign is over and they’re in the Oval Office that they’re expected to put the rallies and opponent-bashing behind them and at least try to appear to govern on behalf of all the people of the U.S. within the strictures of the Constitution.

Not President* Bizarro, though.


The question is will it pass like a football, pass like a kidney stone, or pass like “away”.


No Dernald, it’s not the ruling that makes you look weak - it’s your bigotry, ignorance, and frail bloated ego that do that.


He should totally break the 9th into pieces.

And then have to deal with twenty smaller liberal as hell courts. There’s a reason the 9th covers so much turf, because the Republicans are terrified of making many smaller ones that all feel the same.


I don’t think that is his goal. He just wants to rile people up, keep them angry, keep holding his rallies. What’s the opposite of virtue-signalling?


Wait, what? Clinton? For fucks sake! What has she done to his executive order?

I know NONE of this makes sense but his rallies are a random assembly of catch phases.

Also, rallies… shiver…


I know, right? Just be glad the orange shit-gibbon has no real military support.


Its not the opposite of virtue-signalling. Its just that the alt-right has its own set of alt-virtues that they blast on their version of the bat-signal any chance they get.

Like all of the alt-right’s mantras — snowflake, safe-space, SJW, cultural marxist, feminazi, etc — the accusations are projections of their own worst tendecies, just with the polarity reversed.


I don’t think it works that way.