In the chaos of the Muslim ban, the rule of man trumps the rule of law

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Immediate impeachment is the only legal way to save this country.


Only if they deal with Bannon at the same time. He’s the guy writing all of this stuff (with little or no consultation); the “President” is merely signing it.


Except then we shift from the Thin-Skinned, Short-Fingered Vulgarian to the Mammonite Pontiff, just as the other Mammonites are hoping for.


I am none of those things. And I, too, am afraid. My country has departed from the path of human decency. Because of this, I share in the collective guilt of this vile and shameful act, and I shall have to bear the collective punishment. If the world survives that long, our posterity still will be branded pariahs a century hence.


And while we’re at it, get rid of Pence, he is pushing this agenda too


As an American living abroad, I worry that other countries will reciprocate if this stands.


threw the world into chaos yesterday

Yes it was horrible for those affected but that’s an exaggeration, isn’t it?

A friend of mine has a colleague who is being detained. We have been in touch. Latest news is that she has legal representation but has not been allowed to speak to them. It doesn’t seem like everything has settled with this matter. There are more protests happening at JFK and locally here on Long Island today.

Meantime, I checked Trump’s twitter and 2 hours ago he tweeted this. So, he’s not getting the message.


What exactly IS happening in Europe right now according to Trump? What does Trump know what we, who are living here, don’t?


Until today, that is how I felt. But now that I have discovered that the Trump administration is really the Bannon administration, and just what a nasty fucking piece of work HE is, I actually think that Pence would be an improvement, theocracy and all.


Pence is worse than Cheeto-fingers always struck me as a bit of rhetorical flourish.


Not really. Travellers from all over the world were affected. Several people were barred from flights to the U.S. from Frankfurt, for example.

More broadly, the relatively free travel throughout the globe that people enjoy depends on a lot of assumptions, one of which is that the laws of Western liberal democracies operate non-capriciously and according to standards in regard to entry and transit requirements. When that suddenly lurches to a halt in the country that has the most power to set that standard, everything is thrown into chaos elsewhere.

He’s just parroting and re-enforcing the anti-Muslim xenophobia that’s getting right-wing populist governments elected there and that got him a significant portion of the U.S. popular vote. His connection to the realities of “dystopian Islamic hellscape” Europe are about as solid as his connections to the realities of “dystopian black hellscape” Chicago.


Sorry, is there a precise and certified meaning of “threw the world into chaos” that this turn of events violates? If so, please cite. If not, please allow for the expression of deep emotion and imminent necessity for action that this phrase is intended to convey.


Well pre election, I figured that the Trump administration would be characterized by dysfunction. Which it is, but I underestimated just how effective others would be at pulling his strings. And when the person pulling the strings is Steve Bannon… UGH. Bannon is DEFINITELY worse than Pence.


Well I’m not afraid; I’m offended. A front-line border official does not report to “Donald Jay Trump;” he reports to his boss, who reports to (I think) the Secretary of the Interior, who reports to the “president.” What he meant to say was “I voted for Trump.” I do hope the Representatives got his name. He needs to be fired.


World =/= USA

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I don’t suppose you saw the part of the story that involves US citizens and legal immigrants being stranded abroad? To say nothing of throwing our international relations into chaos, which I think adds up to “world.”


and USA =/= my state and my state =/= my city, nor my city block, so what do I care? It’s all good.


I see you point and all. I just don’t see how there can be anyone worse that someone who has no concern or even understanding of/for the consequences of their own actions.