Trump's #MuslimBan temporarily blocked nationwide by U.S. judge in Washington state


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Okay, so I just saw this on CNN and one analyst, when asked if this means if things at JFK, LAX, etc. will revert to pre-Ban, responded: If they comply. Someone please explain. “They” (does he mean Customs and Border Patrol?) have a choice???


Judge appointed by … drum roll please … George W Bush!

That’s two more people on Trump’s shit list.

I can see it now

“GWB causes 9/11 and appoints judge who wants another one! America First!”

“Thanks to terrible GWB appointed judge we can’t keep ‘evil’ out of our country. #MAGA

“I put evil in quotes. Shhhhh – when I do that I really mean the muslims ok?”


Yes - everyone, including this agency – has a choice,but which one is the smart one is very clear. They can defy a judges orders, or not. If they (individuals, managers, leaders) choose to disobey they’ll be in trouble with the law themselves – removed from position and people who will hopefully obey the court order will fill in.


Okay. I panicked. I thought there was some legal loophole I didn’t understand. Thanks.


You took the words right out of my fingertips.

They can either abide by the ruling, or they can continue to blindly do 45’s inane and short-sighted bidding; in the hopes that when they get fired and/or face criminal charges, “he’ll have their back.”

If they choose the latter option, this is all I have to say to them:


Mr. Jilly just got home and I pounced on him with this same question and he gave the same response, except he also kindly added that he supposed Trump could try to do something about it (what? IDK) and force us into a constitutional crisis, which only fueled more panic, to the tune of this conversation:

Me: Constitutional crisis??? And California is going to secede, and we’ll be left in red-state hell with no healthcare and third-grader came home today with a C in English … between the two of us we have FOUR degrees in English!
Mr. Jilly: You need to calm the fuck down.


I literally lol’d; thanks for that.


Probably is!


Listen, I’m working on calming down, so let’s not add coals to Newcastle here, please.


Here’s the thing … if he wasn’t so hellbent on a muslim ban during the campaign, then maybe this thing wouldn’t have looked like a muslim ban. But what really did him in was the bit about prioritizing Christians. So … dude says he wanted a muslim ban, he ordered something that smelled and looked a lot like a muslim ban. Yeah that’s gonna be a problem for the courts.

Now if he had all along said he wanted smarter immigration laws, and there’s a bih 9/11 type thing orchestrated and carried out by people from those 7 countries, and then he puts in place a travel restriction (without the christian priortization bit) then maybe it would fly.


Anything with Morgan Freeman gets a like! :grin:


Dems have incentive to delay Gorsuch as long as possible

Pssst! Dems already had incentive to delay Gorsuch.


“No one is above the law – not even the President,”

What the The Ride of the Valkyries was really meant for…



Well, they wouldn’t immediately be removed from their positions if they defy the court order. If they choose, or are ordered by their boss, to defy the court order, the next step would be for the judge to find them in contempt of court. IANAL, so at that point, I honestly don’t know exactly what happens, but hopefully some sort of legal consequences, such as fines or even sitting in a jail cell until they agree to obey the court order. That does require, however, the cooperation of law enforcement. And that’s where we could run into a constitutional crisis. Potentially. Hopefully, before it gets that far, someone in the Trump administration will find their … courage and inform the President that just because he won the election, he doesn’t get to just do anything he wants.


I am looking forward to the time that he loses a case in the SCOTUS because Gorsuch votes against him.


One imagines various armed, uniformed federal officers trying to arrest each other to enforce, or nullify, the contempt finding.

This kind of shit has happened before. People predicted Trump would be like Andrew Jackson.


You know, I’ve heard several people in the Trump administration, as well as a few of his tv supporters, compare him to Jackson. And they mean that as a compliment. It kills me.