(UPDATE: Yep they reversed this too) Trump reverses vow to take #MuslimBan to U.S. Supreme Court


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Go ahead, Trump shitgibbon.

You’ll run out of ink and patience long before we run out of utter contempt for you and your agenda.


No, dammit, go to court! You were sure enough of the outcome, so double down and sign an executive order allowing media into SCOTUS hearings and blast the feed from the mountaintops! Schadenfrump for all!


I’m disappointed. I was hoping it would go to The Supreme Court. I really was. It was clearly unconstitutional.


This way all a distraction from his appointments. A nationwide teacher walkout would have thrown a serious monkey wrench in the the DeVos nom. Everyone is waiting for a hero to save them, it’s not going to happen. Hard sacrifices must be made to speak to their wallets.



The stink of Bannon rises…


I half suspect it (or the EO that replaces it, or whatever) still will - it feels to me like he’s trying to buy time until his nomination is confirmed to the supreme court.

The alternative, that someone’s talked some sense into him, just seems far too unlikely.


Or perhaps not…

Keeping us on our toes, or just completely dysfunctional?


I was actually looking forward to Trump being the first POTUS to have his ass handed to him by the Supreme Court within the first six weeks of his Presidency.


The term “fucktard” comes immediately to mind. I like, REALLY like shit-gibbon, but I think fucktard also has relevance in most situations. Probably not mutually exclusive.


Meh, too close to “retard.” (And as I imagine you know, we don’t say that anymore.)


I find it odd that everyone just buys the line that Supreme Court should do anything about this. The courts shut down Trump and the appeals courts maintained what seems to have very little legal controversy beyond Trump being completely out of touch with the law and reality. The law has already been laid down. If Trump persists, he does so against the law.


Spoiler: They can’t unring the “Muslim ban” bell


Nonetheless, he persisted.


In other words, he has something even bigger planned.


It is my suspicion trump knew the ban would be opposed but would win support with his voter base. Cheap for him good will points by going through and appearing to attempt to do everything he set out to.

I do not agree with what he wants. However I must respect that he follows on those promises. Now if only we could get a few that promised not horrible things with that same desire to follow through.


The oath of office is the one promise I wish he’d actually stick to.


This is true, but it seems to be par for the course they don’t bother.
Again I say I do not like the man or what he is doing, but he is doing more than most to keep campaign promises.


Craptastic promises.


Made by a shit-gibbon.