Muslim ban promise mysteriously vanishes from Trump's website; GOP regulars in line for top posts


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Trump won and that’s really all he wanted to do. He doesn’t actually care about running the country.


That is actually my fear. Because while a wall or banning all Muslims from entering the country were never going to happen, gutting social security, getting rid of the ACA and the rest of the Republican legislative agenda can happen. My hope is for a stunningly ineffective presidency because he spends his efforts fighting a Republican party that he has no loyalty to.

edited to add. And that he ruins the Republican brand for a generation, like a mirror/mirror version of Ronald Reagan.


My great hope is that all Trump wants is a resume piece. But Republican “Business as Usual” with full governance is no consolation.


Friday, January 20 Inauguration Day 2017 begins tRump’s premeditated rape of the USA.

Hold onto your collective butts, here we go…


They don’t have to ban Muslims, just turn the other way when they are attacked by racists that want to make America great again. Muslims will stop coming, go away or just hide.
Mission accomplished!


Nearly all of my clientele are Saudis studying at the local university.

Every one that I’ve talked to in the last two days says that they won’t be coming back next academic year, or even next semester.


Just like Brexit. You don’t have to ban people. Just make it clear they’re unwelcome.


He’s already said that Pence will be running domestic and international policy. I suppose that Trump will be doing vague ‘Make America Great’ again stuff and playing golf on a scale that will make Eisenhower look like an amateur.


Any universe where Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Reince Priebus and a Goldman Sachs executive are a ‘best-hope’ case is a very. very poor universe.


I wonder if any Trump voters will pay attention, when this bright orange “brick through the window of the establishment” begins by fortifying that establishment and undoing what paltry progress was made in the past eight years. I wonder if they will care. I wonder what they will do.


Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


Good luck. In my opinion Trump just began the next generation of family dynasties in politics after closing the door on two others. This one has more money and more people than the others too.


And other private parts.


Problem is, it doesn’t matter whether he’s effective or not. Republicans control the house, senate, white house, and soon the supreme court, and I guarantee that someone who does have an agenda (like Pence, or McConnell) will be able to easily push their agenda through.


I realize there are political realities, but the Supreme Court is nonpartisan and it’s not really fair to say that “Republicans” control it.


Since the Republicans refuse to allow a Democrat president to appoint someone to it, it is controlled by the Republicans. This has nothing to do with fairness. It’s a fact.


That’s not what was meant by “controlling” the Supreme Court, but okay.


Don’t forget to stock up on supplies.


For reals burn shit down instead of metaphorical?