Trump's Ban Targeting Muslims Suspended by Federal Judge, Refugee Deportation Barred


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A Round Up of Resistance to Trump

How dare these ACTIVIST JUDGES rely on pre-Trump (i.e. loser un-American) laws!!!


It’s a good start. Hopefully this Executive Order will be overturned within the week.


This weekend I decided to spend some extra money on two things: increasing my monthly contribution to the ACLU and getting a paid subscription to the New York Times. I just opened the Times app on my phone to see this story about the ACLU succeeding in getting Trump’s order halted. Those things paid off fast!


Woops. Over here, at least 3 Iranian people with a greencard couldn’t go further. (in German, sry)

How the F is this even possible?

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I seriously hope that this presidency becomes known for one thing:

Rallying democrats across the country to become more vocal, more generous, and perhaps most importantly to get out and vote!!! If he keeps this shit up (and I think the majority of Americans do see this as what it is – but fuck I could be wrong) he will be out on his ass (if he even runs) in 4 years. All the gutless, spineless Republicans who remained silent in solidarity can be out on their ass as well? All ? No … Ones who lost within a few percentage points ? Absolutely.


And vote in the FUCKING MIDTERMS! It can’t be that hard.


There may be a limited number of midterms that can be flipped, but increased turnout wouldn’t hurt to show some kind of momentum building to rally support and worry the rest.


The republicans are sure trying.

At this point they’ve already admitted that voter id laws are specifically to disenfranchise likely democratic voters. Which should be a high crime equivalent to treason IMNSHO.


Pence and Mattis both spoke out against the Goblin’s total Muslim ban. Before they were part of the ticket or administration, that is. Now they’re right there as he signs the executive order. Because they are oozing with integrity.

Edit: Sorry. That wasn’t integrity.


Well there’s some good news. :clap::clap::clap:

But I wonder what Trump’s counter-move will be. That worries me.


Am I the only one who checked his twitter feed?


There’s a shit-ton of Dem Senators at risk.


I wonder just how much money was wasted by one part of the government starting to enforce the ban and another one acting to end it. It should come out of President Pus-face’s pay.


I think they get off on a technicality. Since they can claim this isn’t s Muslim ban (even if it would idkeally be one)


I did. Congratulations to VP Pence, he is a true patriot!


Someone should re-tweet that to him.



Ask him now – I bet he’ll say oh this isn’t a Muslim ban. He’s right. But only because this is the closest they thought they could get. Fuck these guys. Fuck them all in the face.


Has this twit been given an advisor position yet?