Trump's Ban Targeting Muslims Suspended by Federal Judge, Refugee Deportation Barred


Yup, might want to get the vote out for them–if they’re worth it.


Meanwhile in Canada



Does the article end with “Seig Heil?”


Good lord.


The Alt-Right is taking the United Arab Eremites’ word that CAIR is a “terror-tied group”, well bless their hearts!


OK! That’s it! Trudeau’s going into the Official Whitehouse Enemies List!



It starts with a “Seig Heil” and, well, just stays there.


That’s okay. Justin is experienced at dealing with problem schoolboys.


Fortunately, Canadia has a list of it’s own.

ETA: Just struck me that Sami Zayn (Syrian-Canadian Muslim) might well have some travel issues while touring.


This is a good example of the separation of powers being effective.


And this will last only until Trump manages to pack someone with similar views to himself onto the Supreme Court.


Given his narcissism and inability to accept even trifling challenges to his scared word I believe it might well be possible to push the pathetic bastard over the edge to the point that even republicans will run from him. Anyone so petty as to stay up nights barking out tweets is very fragile indeed. The whole world is laughing at him, he can only run so long on his lunatic statements before enough people push his button and he goes over the edge. If it weren’t for his narcissism I might consider him a candidate for suicide. I believe his insane pride will prevent that but he is going to pay a terrible price for so blatantly throwing tantrums. His mental instability is the one thing that gives me hope. Laughing at the buffoon may be the best tactic the world has for taking a dump on trump. There’s a great word I hear used by some Spanish speaking friends… He’s a Baboso… a drooling idiot as they explain it. I think it will happen live in the media, he’ll just start babbling and frothing at the mouth so bad that even republicans will be embarrassed into removing him. The joke isn’t on trump, the joke is trump.


Fascinating documentary:

I wouldn’t watch the actual inaguration. This is as close as I will get.


I hate to be “that guy,” but the headline isn’t correct. The order is more limited: it prevents the US from deporting people with valid visas who are already in the US (or who are stuck in customs in the US). It doesn’t prevent the US from blocking people before they enter the US, such as at the Canadian or Mexican border or at airports in other countries. Source:

I hope that this order holds up (since it will certainly be appealed to an appellate court), and I hope that the courts block the full reach of this order. However, that hasn’t happened yet.

And, to be extra pedantic, the order doesn’t specifically ban Muslims. It only blocks people from seven Muslim-majority countries. Muslims from other countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (i.e., the point of origin for the 9/11 hijackers) are still welcomed here. (I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, just pointing out the irony.)



Every single Representative is up for re-election in 2018, and a third of the Senators. I wouldn’t call that “a limited number”. And really, if there’s actually work towards it, any seat can be flipped.


Okay. But Trump is cutting off immigration from places where most people are Muslim, and he intends to make it easier for Christians to come in. Might not, technically, be a “Muslim ban,” but it still smells.



Don’t count on it.