Federal judge orders emergency injunction and restraining order ending Trump's #muslimban


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I hope your resume’s up to date, Judge Birotte.


I suppose we will had to start protesting when people get fired of shit like this.


So, is it safe to say that the Customs and Border Protection agency is essentially a rogue agency at this point if they don’t comply with this injunction?


This warms my heart. It would be cool if for Drumpf’s “100 days”, every time he does something, protests and marches and calls to Congress happen. Maybe then Congress will see they need to put the country before the TGOP and the rest of the world will see that America isn’t going to stand for democracy dying in 2017.


Even the “president” can’t fire a federal judge.

I’m praying the CBP stands down, because we have a really serious crisis brewing.


And it’s only been… what… a week and a half?


I have a feeling Trump is now re-reviewing his want list with Neil Gorsuch, you know, just to make sure.


Not even a full 14 days yet.


I’m aghast that protests et. al. are necessary to get our POTUS and his hangers-on to comply with the law, in such a public way. “Meh, surely that doesn’t apply to us!”


PIXAR did a fabulous job with the hair.

Trump… complete opposite.


(Central District of California)
Yes, the Rebel State of California!


And so it begins…


I don’t think this ruling is as big as it sounds.

 4. Defendants are hereby ORDERED to IMMEDIATELY inform all relevant airport, airline, and other authorities at Los Angeles International Airport and International Airport in Djibouti that Plaintiffs are permitted to travel to the United States on their valid immigrant visas.

The state department has revoked all the visas.


It’s gonna be protests all the way down for a while. I know I’m going to have to protest again this weekend but I’m pretty sure it will be against something that hasn’t even happened yet.


‘Future Protesting’ I like that.

BTW Anybody keeping count of all the lawsuits headed Trump’s way?


Still waiting for the meteor that I voted for!


But that comes after:

2.Defendants, and Defendant United States Department of State in particular, are hereby ENJOINED AND RESTRAINED from cancelling validly obtained and issued immigrant visas of Plaintiffs;

IANAL, but I think the goal is for point 2 to counter your link, then point 4 to follow from that.


That would permanently solve all the current problems, but I’d really like a solution that doesn’t include an extinction level event.

How about an alien invasion by benign extraterrestrials?


Down with that! :sunglasses: