Customs officials refuse to allow passengers to debark a domestic flight unless they show ID


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Count to ten thousand!


CBP should not be doing this inside our borders, but the way border zones are defined, they actually do have extensive powers within 100 miles of a border or external boundary. SFO being coastal, they are probably not violating their (IMO, overly broad) jurisdiction here.

Also want to add that I learned the word debark from this post, which is a synonym for disembark.


I suppose documenting this is the best thing you can do while it’s happening.


At the local bus stop:

“Government-issued i.d. please. And where are you traveling today?”

“Um, Walmart?”


I prefer disembark. It does not detract from the important work of stripping bark from trees.


Or the sometimes equally important need for canine cordectomy.


Or the horrendous work of preparing beagles for lab work

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Is this legal? Maybe that’s the wrong question - they can certainly ask, but requiring a particular response is another issue. I know airport = “border” = CBP can do whatever the fuck they want, but what could they have done had anyone refused to show ID? Detain them indefinitely? While not crossing a border? Surely it’d be a hell of a precedent?


Welcome to checkpoint 0008948; papers, please.



There’s a reason the ICE union endorsed the President*. They knew that if elected he’d give them leeway to demand “Ihre papiere bitte” beyond ports of entry, thus expanding their power and their staffing needs.

Note that they could have easily identified the passenger in question with the help of the airline and had the flight attendants and gate crew ask him to disembark last. Instead, they had everyone show their papers, because they’re trying to establish a precedent.

It’s less than two months into this administration. It’s going to get worse, and not just for Muslims and undocumented immigrants.

That zone, which extends beyond ports of entry, covers the “urban coastal elites” quite conveniently for them, too.


a guide to know your rights you say?


SFO being an international airport qualifies it as a “border”, the way the law is written.


I’m willing to find out if they want to ask me for ID on a domestic flight as I get off.


Does bark even accurately describe the sound that beagles make?


Douchebags being douchebags, again.


Yah, any international airport in the country is now considered a “border” for CBP to have jurisdiction in.


An international airport, anyway.


Popular vote loser Donald Trump is now talking about hiring 10,000 new ICE agents, who will surely be well-trained and well-disciplined.