New York Times, CNN and other media barred from White House press event


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Seriously all you people who thought hey he doesn’t really mean all that stuff… FUCK YOU!

Obama, voting, primaries, and other dead horses

But as trump says, they’re all liars . . .

Maybe they’re lying about being barred ?




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This is an exciting new strategy: prevent “fake news” by preventing news sources from reporting!

Gonna need some popcorn here.

ETA: I was such a naive kid the first time I saw this I thought the joke was that Tommy Chong just really liked popcorn.


Into the black


Usually folks who act this way are afraid of being seen how impotent they can be


The hopeful day-dreamer in me is picturing those reporters standing outside the briefing room, giving each other meaningful looks, nodding once – ever so slightly – and getting out their phones to make the call that will release the Kraken.

Sorry . . . release the tax returns.


It’s OK.
It’s just another of their steps towards turning the country into an ethnically pure, 3rd world nation.


I never really thought of Buzzfeed as a respectable news organization before, but perhaps it’s time I take another look.


Buzzfeed News is actually surprisingly good.


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I would say we are between orange and red, honestly. It’s bad, but it’s not as bad as other places quite yet. However, it could easily slip down to between red and black if we’re not careful and push back against this sort of thing.


That should actually be a required part of all press reports: Trump, who has yet to release his taxes,… Or maybe the first question at all pressers: When will Trump be releasing his taxes?

I can dream


i’m still pissed at them for making “listicles” a thing, but in this case i’m willing to back them up.


Isn’t that utterly bizarre to imagine. The same website that lets you take a quiz to figure out your future spouse based on your favorite food (or some shit) also has great news. The insanity of it is enough to drive one to drink… good thing it’s Friday.


Want access - play nice. They know the drill - happened during the Iraq war. Let’s see who starts censoring itself first this time.


Do you have a specific example in mind? I believe a ban against multiple organizations of that stature is pretty much unprecedented from the White House.

Oh my! That is quite toxic, isn't it?

Fricken Vortas.