I see Rob Ford


“Very nice,” I said. “But why did you bring me up here?”

“It’s time for you to see Rob Ford,” he replied.

Then I woke up in bed and it was the next morning. I made breakfast in a pretty nasty mood, wondering if I’d seen Rob Ford, whatever the hell he was, in the hours I had blacked out, or if I would see him as soon as I went out into the street. I had some pretty gruesome ideas about him, I must admit. A creature with three eyes and tentacles, a survivor from Atlantis, who walked among us, invisible due to some form of mind shield, and did hideous work for the Illuminati. It was unnerving to contemplate, and I finally gave in to my fears and peeked out the window, thinking it might be better to see him from a distance first. Nothing. Just ordinary sleepy people, heading for their busses and subways. That calmed me a little, so I set out the toast and coffee and fetched the New York Times from the hallway. I turned the radio to WBAI and caught some good Vivaldi, sat down, grabbed a piece of toast and started skimming the first page.

Then I saw Rob Ford.


New York Times, CNN and other media barred from White House press event
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Well, he’s no Dillinger…


Rob Ford’s wretched wandering soul escaped Hell and possessed Donald Trump


Wait… he’s dead? Do we need a thread?


Well, it’s complicated. His previous corporeal form has passed, but he lives on as a US president.


He kicked a year ago.



It’s a running joke.


I know… it’s a running gag. Someone mentions Rob Ford, and I (or someone else) asks if we’ve started a thread on it. I’m aware he died a while ago… though it doesn’t seem like it was only a year or so.


We’re in Trump Time where every day feels like a week, but somehow we age ten times as fast.


I did not know that. Man, not as regular a reader as I thought I was…


That was a GREAT example of a government standing up to a tyrant, though - they prevented him (or anyone else) from banning reporters after that. IANAA (I am Not an American), but I don’t think there’s any equivalent power available in the white house case.

Checks and balances are great, but only in the presence of a strong, civic-minded and ethical government body to stand against the tyranny. While Toronto is so very far from perfect in that regard, there is a pretty active anti-corruption movement here today. I hope it stays that way!



he was 46? jesus, he looked to be drumpf’s age.


Abusing booze and other substances is not good for the body. Plus he had cancer.


But, that thread cannot be updated! How will we keep up with the latest developments?


I promise should the undead corpse of Rob Ford appear, I will unlock the thread. :wink:



Well, lookie here, there was a Rob Ford thread handy after all. :wink: