Rob Ford, Toronto's infamous former mayor, dead at 46


Yesterday it was announced he was moved to palliative care, and his family said that palliative didn’t mean what palliative meant… And today he passed away.

He was a terrible councillor, a terrible mayor, and by all accounts a terrible husband.
But he has small kids, and this is going to be hard on them. 46 is young. Conflicted thoughts, I have 'em.

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No matter what a terrible mayor he was, this is sad news.

And, as always, fuck cancer.


Wow, that was sudden.


I’m sure Mr. Ford embodied many admirable qualities in his brief life. It’s a pity that the public never got to see any of them.


You should read Crazy Town, its pretty amazing.[quote=“Brainspore, post:4, topic:75405”]
I’m sure Mr. Ford embodied many admirable qualities

He liked football?


“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very brightly, Rob.”


Cancer? What a downer. I was hoping for something more in keeping with his rockstar lifestyle.


My word? He’s dead.


I think I read about that somewhere. It is very well covered by several blogs.


Or not? How many threads are there on this topic?


Well, he’s still got my vote.


If we’d sent him to the US instead of Ted Cruz, he’d probably - even in his current state - be the Republican nominee instead of Trump.


Would Rob Ford’s corpse be a better US president than Hillary or Donald?


Wait… Rob Ford died… where’s the thread for that?

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