Did Rob Ford die?


I think I saw a thread about it, but I can’t be sure.

Links to Posts on the Death of Rob Ford

Yeah, after like 4 posts about it (this being 5, I think), it’s still a little unclear.


In my defence, when I posted mine I did search and none of the “related” threads were about his death!

But maybe I should start another one and we can discuss it there!

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Lol! Call it the thread to discuss all the dead Rob Ford threads!!


My Word? Is he dead?


If you start another thread to discuss it, I will have to start another thread to complain about your new thread. And probably a third thread to question whether my complaint thread was necessary will pop up. Pretty soon this place will be nothing but Rob Ford threads!


I wonder if we could make that happen before we all got a week long banning?


I hope no one is disappointed in this thread. Then I’ll have to make a spreadsheet.


All the blogs are atwitter, I think I read that some wonder, some believe.


Should we all copy @FunkDaddy’s avatar?


Which is ironic, because all of Twitter is ablog.



I believe I have found an acceptable version of Recursion Heaven in the untimely death of Mr. Ford. May he rest comfortably in his eternal slumber.


Rob Ford died years ago.

Fucking Wendigo, you can’t trust them, you should never elect them.


Only today… in loving memory of… who now?


per Betteridge’s law:



He was a natty dresser, have to give him that.


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