Rob Ford still dead?


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Just so we’ve got somewhere to keep tabs on Rob Ford’s current mortality status.

Links to Posts on the Death of Rob Ford
Links to Posts on the Death of Rob Ford
Google patents an adhesive that sticks pedestrians to cars that hit them

Wait, Rob Ford died?

Rob Ford used phones. No evidence of encryption

I’m still waiting for a definitive answer. The BBS has been pretty quiet on the topic today.



  • word,




He’s dead? My word!

a totally original post


We need a badge for answering this.


We need a badge for posting a thread about it! Where’s my badge dammit!



I’m in the library, trying not to lol, and my eyes are watering up…



I am a horrible person. :slight_smile: I’m having shitty day, and this is adding to a little brightness in it. Thank you all, my mutant friends.


What must it be like to work at a rehab facility and you see Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walk through the door? I can imagine: red lights start flashing, a siren goes off, someone yells, “This is what we have been training for, people! Let’s go!”


Is he merely dead or most sincerely dead?


(is this where I confess that the foot-curling thing freaked me out at age 5?)




Did something happen to Rob Ford?


I don’t know… do you start a thread to find out?


I thought he’d been sighted at a California restaurant.

Man angrily throws 13 foot Rob Ford at City Council


Rob Ford still dead?