Obama, voting, primaries, and other dead horses


While Obama would take a far more rational and measured approach… No. No more of someone empowering and exscusing spying on normal people. NO more of his empowering lobbyests (Remember, for all the goodness that came of the eventual FCC ruling about teleco as title 2, the first proposal that we got to comment on publicly was so laughably anti consumer-pro-teleco it literally got him compared to hiring a dingo as a baby sitter.) No more of him giving a free pass to a party that swore that they would obstruct everything he wanted to do when he had time to undo the patriot act.

Obama is not the Great Satan the GOP wanted us to believe him to be, nor was he kenyen, or muslim, or any number of things. However I do not want us oranyone else to paint Obama as Savior.


Seriously. I was sort of able to understand (barely) the vote in Nov.
But all Trump supporters now can fucking fuck right the hell off this planet.


Also, fuck you to the people who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because “I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils.” This wasn’t the usual lesser of two evils choice. This is a direct attack on the first amendment. Kudos to Time Magazine and the AP for refusing to attend this sham of a briefing in solidarity with CNN, the New York Time, and others.


More Trump regrets:


I’ll just leave this here, because honestly, I’m not even seeing any real reason to even try to engage with them anymore.


How about fuck you to everyone that voted Hillary in the primaries. They ignorantly made a shit sandwich and expected everyone else would take a bite.

Just no. You will never convince me my vote against corruption was a bad decision. Hell, my state hasn’t voted Dem since 64’, so my vote is useless anyway but you want to blame me for this entire mess? I know this is against code and i mean this with utmost boing boing respect, but fuck you too. You should be mad and furious about the corruption, I am not your enemy, I did not cause this mess.

When this post is banned, I hope danimagoo’s post is as well, despite it winning the popular vote.


You’re still whining about the primaries?

You know what? After the primaries were decided we had exactly two real choices. And if you didn’t pick hillary, you were saying in the strongest terms possible that the future of america just doesn’t count and that you’re okay with trump.

Sometimes adults have to make hard unappealing choices. After they make those choices, the adult thing to do would be to try and fix things the best you can, rather than whining about a doubly forgone conclusion.

You’re acting like a child.


You are dismissing my personal value and opinion, over inflating my vote’s actual relevance, and simply blaming the wrong person. (and threw in a bit of a personal jab to boot lol!)

History will continue to blame the dems losing their base. The result of people leaving a corrupt party is the intention of democracy itself, not the fault of the voter.


I think your opinion is stupid. You’re welcome to have it, but I’m not gonna pretend I don’t think it’s wrong. I think if you didn’t vote, you’ve squandered it. If you voted for anyone but hillary, you literally are saying you’re more okay with trump than her. Make of that what you will.

That assumes a party can’t ever change.

Sure. But we don’t exactly have a democracy. Not with the electoral system we have at least.

Abstaining from voting isn’t sending any message other than “I want the republicans win”. That’s all it takes.

And by the way, I said you were acting like a child. Not that you were one. That may be a small distinction, but I’m attacking what you’re expressing. Not who you are.


No, I don’t think most people here think he was. I’m pretty sure we all realized he was someone we had to be vigilant around, write letters, make phone calls, demand action, circulate petitions. Basically I think we all realized we had to urge him to do the right thing, and embarrass him when he didn’t.

But with the new guy, Prez Ignorance J. Tangerine, none of that is the least bit effective. It turns out that it’s impossible to embarrass someone who has no shame.


Whoa, step away from the espresso.


Obama is not the Great Satan the GOP wanted us to believe him to be, nor was he kenyen, or muslim, or any number of things. However I do not want us oranyone else to paint Obama as Savior.

This is what I don’t understand about American politics as a non-American: why would it even matter if Obama was born in Kenya, or was Muslim or whatever? Why does it matter if Trump is orange or that he’s got a pee fetish? Or that Hillary is a cold, calculating wolf? None of that stuff should matter in the slightest in politics. It should be… dunno, about policies.

Obama made some pretty bad decisions, and some pretty good ones when he was in term. Trump on the other hand seems to be doing just pretty awful decisions day in day out, just like he promised he would before he was elected. That’s what counts, if you ask me.


It only matters because of the Constitution. The president has to be born in America.


Faith shouldn’t matter, but to the twats that wanted Obama out it was yet more proof he was aiding comforting enemies that had vowed to ‘destroy the west.’ IE Traitor.

as for where he was born. That is actually important since unless a person is born a US citizen they are ineledgable for presidency. Basically it was that faction, which trump led, trying to find a way of removing him.


Has to be born American.


See also: Cruz, Ted.


McCain, John; Romney, George; Goldwater, Barry

Seems to be a popular theme amongst Republicans.

(although I’d say they should all have been eligible, along with Cruz. It’s a silly rule even if they were debatably in violation of it)


but the thing is if you don’t agree with this internet stranger then you deserve to be verbally berated.

it’s been jill steins fault, comeys fault, johnsons fault and putins fault and now this week it’s your fault. so i hope you can live with what you’ve done.


If I lived in a contested state my vote would have been different. The only solace I have is that I was able to vote my conscious.

Btw, you also said I was whining. Really disappointing coming from you because you are a great poster. But you chose to dump this hyperbole on me and veiled personal attacks. We are all angry, but save it for the real villains.