New York Times, CNN and other media barred from White House press event

I disagree. He’s desperate for their attention and approval. The fact that two TVs in the same room were tuned to CNN during that exceptionally awkward Breitbart interview with Spicey is plenty enough indication that for all of 45’s protestations about how awful the media is to him, he can’t live without it.


Doesn’t he also read the NY Times every morning?
(since he doesn’t understand the concept of online reporting). I bet he loves the coverage he gets.

Only one thing worse than being talked about etc.


Bullshit. The audio of the press conference asks Spicer about them being blocked, and he said that there were new organizations that were credentialed, and so CNN, NYT, Politico etc were told there was no room.

People in pictures from that era always look so fragile to me; the leathered skin, the thinness, the obvious discomfort from any number of potential sources.


Agreed. Between orange and red on the way to black would be more accurate.


This clip jumps right to the aforementioned section:


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Sorry, but this man is responsible for inflicting Sarah Palin on the world. She went on to become a figure head for the celebration of stupidity and ignorance. If anyone deserves locking up, it’s him.

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No. Don’t give me that. You are not sorry.

I’m not saying he’s my hero. I’m making one narrow point. He said that the first thing a dictator does is squelch a free press. About that, he is right.

Save your phony apology. I don’t need it.


I really wouldn’t want to see the portrait he keeps in his attic.


That’s utter bullshit. The NYTimes has to have a standing invitation to any press event.

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Jenner is a long-time Republican and a fairly long-term acquaintance of Donald Trump. I have no doubt at all that she voted for him for the reasons she espoused at the time - because she thought he’d be better than any Democrat. It definitely wasn’t an “anybody but Hillary” thing - Jenner wasn’t going to vote for a Democrat in this election cycle regardless.

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Yeah but that’s a good narrative for his supporters. If he isn’t breaking official rules he can sell stuff like this as a clever ploy to work the system or as an anti-establishment move to “drain the swamp”. It’s the same reasoning he used for his lack of tax payments and concealment of his tax record.
Problem is the lack of clearly defined laws/rules. Much of the procedures surrounding the president and his staff are based on traditions that assume the protagonists act in good faith.

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When he does this, news organizations should just report the opposition’s version of events, then mention that they were unable to reach the WH for comment. They’re really the ones doing him a favor by showing up to report on Spicer’s bald-faced lies and distortions. The whole “trading access for loyalty” thing requires subtlety. It doesn’t work when you declare war on the media out of the gate, and they’re already making bank by reporting on your flagrant misconduct.

The prospect of him doing this seemed frightening a month ago, but having seen it play out, I take it as a positive sign that his administration (and ego) are already imploding under scrutiny. The press aren’t going to trade access for loyalty. They don’t need to.


Uh oh! That can only mean trouble!


Next step arresting reporters and charge them with treason. Scary times. Plus I hope trump & assoc. remember what happen with Nixon and the press.


So do we know what Pumpkin Spice told Angry Spice to tell us? I’ve seen a lot about who got barred but jack all about the content of the presser.

Not that it matters, it’s all lies and bullshit anyway.


The spice jerks?


Actually, the important questions would still be about a looming nuclear arms race, new anti-muslim decrees and whatever gobshite the Trumpistator comes up with. But I would love a real ceterum censeo, and making it rotate on a daily basis sounds like a good idea.