Curious gentleman destroys museum piece


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That’s a really poorly guarded museum. At someplace like the MoMA or MET there is nowhere you can stand where there isn’t at least one guard who can see you. If you even look like you are going to touch something, they will stop you.


It’s not poorly guarded, it’s just unexpected clientele behavior. A ton of smaller museums pretty much expect you to keep your hands to yourself. Guards are expensive and then you have a limited quantity of visitors you’re going to get some dumbasses mixed in the crowd.

The excellent Museum of the City of New York up the street from the Met has whole areas without guards, you’re just expected to not knock things down. And at the Met if you were determined you could knock down sculptures before the guards could get to you. It’s just that you’re not supposed to.


Not again. I can’t believe he didn’t learn the first time!



Sure, they may look like duplicate posts, but notice that the perpetrator has now been awarded the coveted “gentleman” title. That makes it breaking news.


I guess even a right clock is broken twice a day.


The man was attempting to wind a clock that had stopped running; unfortunately, it fell. Museum staff also confirmed that he didn’t just run away, he went to notify somebody about the mishap.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


I thought this was:


That’s funny.

I thought this was:

THIS Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things :sweat:

Chronos, what an asshole!


And to be fair to Mark, that story WAS all of 20 days ago. Who can remember anything that far back, eh?


Hey pal! You break it, you buy it!


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