Aryans in Arcadia

Who all need a plucky English Gentleman (and his working-class comic relief) to come along and sort out their problems for them (suffering stoicly all the while, because saving the world from itself is such a burden).


When young Adolph was about seven, the Hitlers moved to Lambach. There was an old Catholic Benedictine monastery in the town. The ancient monastery was decorated with carved stones and woodwork that included several swastikas that Adolph could see when he sang in the choir.

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People in the ‘Witcher 3 has no PoC’ thread got really defensive when I suggested the merest hint of this idea.

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I’m personally looking forward to the episode of Ancient Aliens where aliens made the leaning tower of Pisa, the Eiffel tower and Buckingham palace. What human tools could be used to raise such impressive monuments?


There’s quite a lot of evidence/scholarship about the connections between “new-age” movements and National Socialism. One good scholar on this is Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. His The Occult Roots of Nazism convincingly links Ariosophy with National Socialism. He differs from this article, however, in claiming that most of the racism and völkisch nationalism was added to Theosophy by the Ariosophists.

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Meditation, spirituality that’s not connected to a specific Abrahamic religion, yoga, healthy eating, appreciation of nature and the environment, etc.

I think of many of these as good things in themselves which were not invented by new agers, but merely co-opted by them, and tainted with their fruitloopery.


Take up the hobbit’s burden;
Send for the best ye breed.
To ascend the mount in Mordor?

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Most folks probably wouldn’t know about most of those things if not for at least aspects of the “New Age Movement” (whatever that is) and its influences over mainstream culture over the past 100+ years.

That’s considerably generous considering Chariots of the Gods was only published after it had been completely reworked by the former editor of the Nazi Party newspaper.

Read first paragraph. IMMEDIATELY zipped to the comments and ctrl+Fed to see if someone had mentioned this.

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