As more published reports tout ayahuasca benefits, researchers push back against criminalization


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If it’s enjoyable, it’s immoral. Tobacco is only legal because it kills you. Alcohol is legal because it’s easy to spot and shame drunks.


I think that it’s mostly that both tobacco and alcohol are openly used by mainstream politicians and thus are socially accepted. Salvia divinorum was wonderfully unpleasant, yet still got banned.


Or is it?


Well of course it helps with body image! When your feet are telling you this fascinating story about stepping on an orange shag carpet at a party, and falling in love with someone else’s feet, it’s easy to start liking those bits.


I could say a lot of good things about Ayahuasca, but “enjoyable” is not a word I would choose.


Take your weird watersport porn elsewhere, nobody needs to see that


As long as it’s not done during the national anthem, I think it’s allowable.


Yeah, what I’ve read about the ayahuasca experience makes me think that nobody is going to use it for fun, if they have anything else available.


Moral panic in 3 … 2 …


ayahuasca helped me with my crippling fear of sobriety.


Oh, Andrea! Don’t know if it was happy or sad, but I’m guessing you had one hell of a Thanksgiving ; -)

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