How do Balinese shroom dealers stay out of prison?

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Sell death, you die. Where’s the problem?

Mainly with your stupid comment.


I think it’s worse to drink beer, so is the bartender wrong for selling beer?

I remember the first time I saw a group of my friends, under the influence of lots of drink, whilst I was on some strong shrooms. They looked like veiny bags of poison, faces ready to burst from the internal pressure.

I still drink, sometimes to excess, but that image is never far from my mind.

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If you really want to de-anonymize people i’d rather suggest you also blur out their tattoos.

Here’s a problem! Many varieties of fungi are poisonous - even fatal. Yet, nobody ever bothers to criminalize those. Why not? Why leave those legal and instead criminalize the few which have only a temporary effect and leave people unharmed?

Another problem is that psychoactive mushrooms are known to have been safely used as sacraments and tools for countless thousands of years - yet it is only the “free world” of European colonialism which pushed to ban them, all while paradoxically claiming to offer people “freedom of religion”.

Then there’s the state-sanctioned genocide problem, of psychoactive plants being illegal in themselves. So they are frequently destroyed by governments just in case a human chooses to consume them.


I’m actually surprised that they’re illegal in Bali, having walked past at least two shops in Seminyak last year not only openly selling them but with names like “Shroom Shop”.

Only disappointment - not discovering the shops until only hours before a flight home. Didn’t have enough time to ezt a few, and definately wasn’t about to try and walk through the airport with them.

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I am not sure why an international site like Boing Boing should make a distinction between two executed Australians and the dozens of non-Australians executed in Indonesia.

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