Ashampoo 3D CAD 7 brings architectural projects to digital life

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But if you’re an architect, the supplies you need to fashion your art come at a much, much higher price.

A pencil and ruler?

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A pencil and a ruler.

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A lead holder and a scale.

I have some questions.
1: A shampoo?
2: “Photovoltaic Installation Inputs” ??


Don’t ask me. I never even got the hang of using one of these.

I think you’d have to be familiar with at least one of these to even think about questions like that.

I guess a real architect might not be very impressed by the visualisation from the article. The stairs to the left, for example, really would creep you out if you had to actually climb -or worse, descend- them.
Mostly likely some Bauhaus building from a free DXF file placed on a poorly levelled slope. Hardly meant for professionals, it’s basically a toy. $30 are not too much for a toy, but the spin to make it look like “professional CAD” and the very generic example are creating a fishy smell around the presentation.

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