LEGO Architecture Studio


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That’s great if you want to live in Corbu box, which probably everybody in Denmark wants, but where’s my pointy roof, hmm?


The label was pretty accurate, really.


The Amazon link is broken:



I wonder how easy it would be to build a mini-Tokyo with this…


Only complaint is the cost of the set.


[Googles working link for LEGO Architecture Studio]

[Sees price]

[Googles cost of actual CAD software]


ETA: Needed more hedgehog.


The kid has a big bucket/set of drawers with Lego upstairs with a lot of greys from Star Wars/etc. sets. I am leaning towards Lego Tokyo more and more…


A preview of things to come. I wish I had tiny Lego trees and a tiny lego subway.


I’ve had this on my wishlist forever, waiting for the price to seem reasonable and/or me to have enough disposable income to justify it.


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