ASMR is soft, luxuriant bullshit

Mike Pesca, with Maria Konnikova claims that ASMR is bullshit despite it’s very scientific sounding name.

SInce boingboing has already featured ASMR, I thought it appropriate for a rebuttal.

Umm… alright.

I get an euphoric, tingly feeling from certain voices.It’s almost orgasmic. It’s the best when the person is actually sitting next to me and I can just bask in that glow while they talk. I’ve gotten it from my dad’s voice a lot. Certain touces also trigger that feeling. I guess it’s just a natural reaction when connecting with someone, that is enforced by a rush of oxytocin. I rarely look up ASMR videos, but the feeling pops up during strangest times - usually when I’m watching some instructional or scientific video. What does it matter what it’s called? It’s not some new phenomenon, it’s just a feeling of connection, probably a surge of oxytocin, that some people get easier than others.

So, I really don’t care if some supposed expert claims that it’s not “real”. Call it whatever you want.


I too am on a quest for frisson. I’m not sure that soft fluffy towels are the best way to get it, though.

I’m sure there’s a sizable part of the population that has either classical or operant conditioning to such types of auditory stimuli.

Kinda like that octopus Daneel read about in 2014.

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OK, I admit it. I was attracted by Pesca’s choice of words: “soft, luxuriant bullshit”. I wonder if the synaesthetes are the people who hold the community together.

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