Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in jail for skipping bail

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I was always a bit disappointed they didn’t send Colt Seavers into the embassy after him.


Good. He deserves that.


I dunno. I’m not sure anyone deserves Lee Majors.


Was he ever at risk of a really harsh sentence that he should have had such fear of? I’m honestly asking. We seem to let people off light for hacking these days. I mean like if you really believe in a cause sometimes you gotta accept the consequences for your actions and know that it’s worth it, like protestors knowing they will get jailed for civil disobedience but doing it anyway. He just seems to whine a lot about being punished for anything.

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“More than 70 UK MPs and peers have signed a letter urging Home Secretary Sajid Javid to ensure Assange faces authorities in Sweden if they want his extradition.”


Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years and held mostly in solitary confinement. Assange claims to believe that extradition to the US to be tried as Manning’s co-conspirator is what was waiting if the extradition to Sweden went through. I don’t think that is a credible claim, and I don’t know that Assange even really believed it. But the most powerful country in the world was out to get Assange and there was (and is) something to be afraid of.

Assange should most likely be in prison in Sweden for rape, which is what I imagine Assange was actually afraid of when dodging extradition.


Clear out’a fucks for Assange.

BTW: Has he ever core dumped info on Russia? Asking for a friend…


BTW: Has he ever core dumped info on Russia? Asking for a friend…

The answer to that question is the same as the answer to the question “Does he look like he’s suffering from polonium poisoning?”


It’s probably going to be easy time compared to his last few months at the embassy. It sounded like Ecuador made life miserable for the guy toward the end.

Nope, I guess not.



When they dragged him out of the embassy? I mean, maybe a bit of polonium?


I suspect that Assange really believed it, because Assange is a legend in his own mind. He thinks he’s noble warrior that will put a stop to the greatest evil on the plant - the US intelligence services operations. That other nations also have intelligence operations doesn’t seem to be a problem for him - the NSA has long been the windmill to his Don Quixote.

I also do think that there are a good number of folks in the US who would have tried to get their hands on him to try him for espionage. I’m not sure Sweden would have gone along with it though, nor am I as assured as he was that our courts would be the kind of kangaroo courts that would throw him in jail for his role in Manning’s leaks. Manning was a soldier with security access and responsibilities - Assange was a civilian from another country acting as a journalist. Those are completely different cases, and I think Assange might actually be surprised at the amount of protection he would have had had had it actually come to trial.


His continued residence at the embassy and bringing him to justice had cost taxpayers £16m, she added.

No sympathy for Assange here, but it was law enforcement’s discretion whether or not to waste the taxpayer’s money.


Ecuador wasn’t the dude smearing his own shit on the walls.


Manning was charged and tried under military law. Which is considerably harsher than civilian law. There are things in the military code of justice that can send you to jail for 5-10 years which are not even crimes in civilian law. Military law is as concerned with discipline as it is with justice, and soldiers in a military court have far fewer rights than civilians in normal courts.

I don’t think Manning’s sentence was even possible under civilian statutes. But even if it was, its very unlikely she would have gotten that long in jail or been held in solitary confinement if she’d been tried as a civilian. And it wouldn’t be possible for Assange to be charged along side her in a military court. You can’t apply military law to civilians.


People do things like that in solitary confinement when they’re incarcerated. Ever watch one of those prison shows? It sounded like Ecuador turned the embassy into prison cell. They cut him off from the world and placed a lot of restrictions on him. I do think he was quite disrespectful to his host though.

Good. He’s a shitty little borderline rapist who thought he could manipulate governments like some kind of libertarian superhero.


They put restrictions on him after he proved that he couldn’t act like a civilised human being towards the embassy and it’s staff. And then when that didn’t work, they kicked his scuzzy ass out.

I still say the real winners in that are the poor embassy staff who now no longer have to put up with him.


I agree. He was given asylum under certain conditions, and he didn’t abide by it. I think it was foolish how he handled the situation. Keep in mind that life got worse for him after Correa left office. The current president of the country was never a fan of his.