Assimilate is a new game for a 20-year-old operating system

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i thought you were going to tell us about a game designed for windows me.

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If anyone isn’t feeling old enough after reading that… OS X was also 20 years ago. Have a nice day!


Unlike a game made for MacOS 9, a game designed for Windows Me would probably work perfectly well even today on Windows 11.


I still write on an old iMac, it’s got no distractions (no internet, and I wiped the games off ages ago), a great keyboard, and helps keep me focused on writing instead of looking things up, watching cat videos, or playing games. Might just see if it’ll run this one.

Yes. OS X has been the Mac OS longer than the classic Mac OS was! And yet I still think of it as the the “new” Mac OS.

That’s a horrifying thought and I hate that I now know this.


And then your perfect distraction-free set-up will be ruined, bwahahahaha.

This post caused me to look up iCab, the best Mac specific browser evar, which sadly says no longer currently updated for OS 9. I’m blown away that the guy still updates it regularly for iOS. I bought it a long time ago but heck I should send that guy a few bucks just for stick-to-it-iveness. How many browsers are there that still offer downloads for OS 7 or 8?

OK now I have the nostalgia feels and will be playing Maelstrom the rest of the evening.

So… anyone have any hypercard games that run on OS X?

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Microsoft’s own copy protection would fail.

You can run lots of stacks in browser on, although I haven’t seen many games.

(Sorry, should have provided the link: HyperCard Stacks : Free Data : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive )

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