Infinite Mac: classic Apple operating systems in the browser, filled with useful programs

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But does it have Pathways into Darkness?


OMG, I was instantly transported back to working at Kinko’s DTP department in 1992!

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Does it run Hypercard?


That would be good, but I’d really like the whole Marathon series!

“Frog blast the vent core!”


No Pathways, but it does have all three Marathon games on it.



Dammit. Well drat. And here I was going to leave the house this weekend!


I feel for you, man. Me, I do enough Aleph One to not miss Marathon, it’s playing the Myth series that I kinda miss.


Not a man, but the point is well taken. I’m really amused by how smoothly and quickly that emulator operates while claiming to be an experience of any computer from the '90s! Also, as my nesting partner pointed out, it lacks the Mac chord when you boot.

I still saved it, of course, as I noted that Lemmings is available.

Er … so not to call attention to it, but how are they getting around the obvious IP issues here?


My assumption is they’re taking advantage of the Loof Lirpa safe harbor provisions.

ETA: but my assumption is wrong, after having clicked through, that… actually looks legit, despite the posting date.


I miss two things from my 28 years of using a Mac (well, 27.8 years, I got one in May 1984).

First, the game Incredible Machine (which may have been a PC port).

Second, the screensaver Bad Dog. He was so cute as he ran around and tored up my screen (exposing “circuits”), peed on the trash can, took bites out of folders, etc, in wonderful randomness.

Well, I also wish I had a way to open my FreeHand files from the 90s. I drew a lot of vectors that would’ve been useful over the years as a base for other (less dated) drawings. Not so much now, with internet clip art.

Suggestions for recovery welcome!

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